Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 in Review

Hello and Happy New Year and all the best to all of you!!! Another year has gone by 
so fast and here we are in 2017.

We still have family over from Germany, so it's been a little slow on my blog 
and I am wayyyyy behind on catching up on reading everybody else's  blogs.

I typed up this quick post last night with a look back of my top posts from 2016. This might
give you a chance to catch up on some posts you might have missed during the year.

In January of 2016 I decorated a corner of the patio with the branches 
I cut off our Christmas tree before I went into the garbage. 
That's what I call recycling at it's best!
This looked great all winter!

I also made this Latitude & Longitude sign for above the 
mud room door with a recycled piece of  wood trim. 

In February I turned an old crate into a 
little mini bar for the dining room. 
A Little Mini Bar In A Crate

And I made this cute night owl wall art for
the play room. 

In March I started decorating for Easter.

And  the Easter Entry.

And the best post was the modeling session 
I had with Bugsy the Easter rabbit and his 
friend Willie the tortoise!!! They kill me!
Our Easter Bunny & An Impostor

I also recycled this old laundry tub 
by painting it with chalkboard paint and 
making it into a planter.
Chalk Paint Planter

And some more Easter-Spring Decor 
throughout the house.

In May I started painting the family room, 
such a huge change...LUV IT!

 Here is an old spool table I love to decorate 
each season. 

 One of  my favorite little creations is this little basket hanging from an old pulley I hung on the trellis arch in front of the house. 
Hanging Wire Basket With Vintage Pulley

In July I shared these awesome pictures from my friend Michi who took a trip down to Holland for some decor shopping!!!

In August I shared some new finds around the house. 

And I shared this gorgeous BOHO Moroccan bedroom that belongs to my friend Michi who lives in beautiful Bavaria Germany. 

In September I finally found a place to hang up my old
window frame I found at an antique store.

In October I came up with this cute idea to make
a personalized gift for a friend that is super easy!

 I shared our new kitchen nook paint, new
table and KUBU stools. 

And I made this cute little street number
sign out of an old crate I took apart.

I decorated the porch for Halloween!  

And once again I had a modeling session
with the hunk of a bunny we have! 

In November I created this board for Wayfair. 
I love how this turned out and can't wait to start getting the things on the list for our mudroom. 

I also changed the porch from Halloween to Fall.

In December I made these adorable moss stars for the front porch.
Definitely my favorite Christmas porch so far!!! Natural and simple!

I shared how I love to decorate the outdoor spaces with nature we have around us here in the Pacific NW. 

And finally I managed to show of the inside of the house decorated for Christmas just in time before it was

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  1. Wspaniałe kadry, nigdy nie przestaniesz mnie zadziwiać. Zaglądam tu z największą przyjemnością.

    Wszystkiego Najlepszego w Nowym Roku :)

  2. I love all your projects & of course bun bun!!! Happy 2017!!!


  3. I loved your year in review Christine, especially the shots of Bugsy! Happy 2017!

  4. I love all shots with Bugsy, he lets you do so much with him, what a cutie. Every time I see your rabbit makes me want to cuddle him, does he tolerate being loved on?
    You sure have an incredible eye for decorating, love your style.
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year and an abundance of good health.

    1. Thanks soooo much as always for reading my blog!!! Happy New Year!!!! Ohhh and Bugsy loves pets, but no smooching

  5. What a great review! Lots of inspiration.

  6. I love all your posts, especially all the seasonal ones & the DIY's with the house numbers & birthday tub. But the planter made from a laundry tub is too cute for words!!!! How did I miss that??? I bought an old milk box over a year ago that I have used for storage (boring), but now I see its future as a planter thanks to you!!!! Thanks for so much GREAT inspiration!!! Happy New Year!!!

  7. Beautiful! Your posts are always creative, inspirational and do-able! I love the fact that you incorporate nature in all your décor.

    Can't wait to see what you'll be doing in 2017.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  8. You have decorated and celebrated all the special days and events in a very good way. Your shared images are showing that You are a very lively person.


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