Sunday, September 18, 2016

Little Brags On Instagram

Hello and Happy Sunday Loves, I wanted to share a few new pics from my Instagram page with you that I did not post on my blog yet, so making sure you all know about my Instagram page and would love it it you follow me there as well!!!!! I find it very challenging to keep all the social media stuff updated all the time, I am a total slacker on Twitter, but I usually remember to post on Instagram on a regular basis. 

So of you are not following me on Instagram yet, I would 
love it if you did!!!!! 

Enjoy some new snapshots around the family room.
As you can probably tell in the pictures I am definitely doing the 
Moroccan-Boho thing!!!! LOL

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hanging An Old Window From The Fence

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all enjoying a fun and relaxing Labor Day today! 
I want to share a little something with you I did this weekend.

Earlier this summer I found an old window at one of my favorite little country stores, 
it's been sitting on the deck for several weeks but I finally figured out where to put it up.