Sunday, January 8, 2017

Would Love Your Input On Choosing A Paint Color

Hi sweet friends, totally boring post today!
You might remember me mentioning in a previous post that I don't like the paint color 
in our dining room I repainted a while ago (too much yellow in it).  Well I am getting
ready to have the room repainted and today I slapped on some Sherwin Williams 

paint samples on each wall in the dining room. Would love to hear 
your thoughts...

I suck picking paint colors (CLEARLY, otherwise I would not have to re-paint the room)

Personally I like the agreeable gray the best.....
I want to hear from you......MUAHHHHHHH
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  1. I commented on the FB post but after seeing ALL of the pictures I say agreeable gray.

  2. Yup - I agree with Agreeable Gray :)

  3. I like Agreeable Gray too! Very pretty color.

  4. I like your color choices. Just a word of advice about selecting colors. Be sure to check the darkest color on the strip to be able to see what the undertone of the color is. Some greys can look lavender or blue in certain light. If your room is dark and doesn't receive much light be careful about selecting grey. You don't want it to look like a dungeon. When choosing whites, be careful of yellow or pink undertones. However, the more natural light you have, the less you will see the undertones. Good luck! I can't help you by just looking at the screen. It's best to go with what you see in person. What I see on my computer screen is probably not what you're seeing up close and personal.

  5. Oh, it is so difficult picking colors!

    I just painted my dining, living, loft, stairwell, foyer and hallways in a special Sherwin Williams paint only available at Home Depot called Cottage White. It is a lovely neutral but on the warm side white.

    So for me, I liked brightening things up. I painted our home office in grey a few years ago and am already tired of it being grey. It's much too depressing for me and I get a ton of light. (Agreeing with Kelly on comment above.)

    Good luck whatever you do. It's always such a bummer when you paint something and it is the wrong color. I've done it a few times over the years, and my daughter always reminds me "It's just paint!"

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  6. From what I can see/tell from your photos, Agreeable Grey or Amzing grey would be my choices.

  7. I painted our bedroom Mindful Gray with white trim and I love it! It is such a nice shade of gray. Looks like everyone else likes Agreeable Gray but I vote for Mindful Gray.

  8. Altijd moeilijk welke kleur op de muur.
    Ik heb dat een keer gehad met blauw.
    Wel drie verschillende lage op elkaar voor het de goede kleur was haha.
    Strekte met kiezen :-)

  9. I LOVE the agreeable gray - the other grays will make the room too dark - I don't mind the White Duck but it may not be "enough" color...Can't wait to see it finished!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  10. Either Agreeable Gray or Alpaca, depending on how warm or cool you want the look.

  11. Good morning Christine,
    thank you for visting me on my blog. I´m here to answer your question and the answer is yes, no problem.
    This is a nice place to stay and I will do so.

    wishing you a nice weekend

  12. Hei Christine!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    I will be glad if you can use my pictures :)
    Have a nice day!

  13. Greys are so hard. I have White Duck on my furniture and bannister. I like it. I've heard wonderful things about Agreeable Grey. We currently have Gray Owl. I like that one too.

  14. Hi Christine,

    In looking at the decor in your dining room, I vote for White Duck.

    It would give a nice neutral background to let your decor and wall art be the center piece

    Gray is not the best complement to the color of the furnishings you have.

    Good luck,


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