Thursday, December 19, 2019

A cozy little Christmas Tour

Are you ready for a little cozy Christmas Tour?

Well hello there and welcome to our home. I want to share some Christmas pictures
with you, this will be part 1 of 2. I need to take more pics of the kitchen, 
living and dining room this week. 

 Well, off we go.....

Here is part of the downstairs hallway. The door leads to the garage. 
I strung icicle lights to the ceiling using command strips.

This makes it instantly cozy, in fact I hate taking them down and sometimes
 wait until the end of February to do so. Hey February is still winter, right?

To the left side of the door is a little mud room area with a built in bench
 shoe storage, coat rack etc. It's a small space but still fun to decorate plus
it's what we first see when coming home through the garage.

I love old crates and this vintage military crate is one of my favorites.
We previously used it for Nerf Gun Ammo but our son is a Teenager now (14)
& apparently done with all that stuff...sniff sniff. The paper snowflake lantern is from
Worldmarket, I wanted to buy more this year but they were out....THE NERVE!
Here is the other side of the little mud room area. The deer art is a DIY, you can
see more of that HERE. I have a love affair with wooden beads, I think it's the
raw natural wood I totally dig

Here is our family room. I added some fresh forest greens in the corner along with some
 driftwood branches.  

 We really need a new Sofa/Sectional for this space. I still love this old rustic brown
 leather sofa but it's old now and getting to be uncomfortable. I am dreaming of
a large leather sectional for the family room, but they are pretty spendy. 
The Moroccan pillows are from Worldmarket, love that store.

A wintery Pom Pom garland for the mantle. Check out the wooden MANDALA board
 on the crate. It's a gift from my bestie in Germany.

 The side tables and lamps are also a Worldmarket find from the past.

This room is so toasty and cozy at night with the Ikea star lanterns and the icicle lights.
  And here we have our sons 2 kitties posing. These 2 rascals are brother and sister and
were found by a neighbor in the forest as feral kittens. 

Here is a shot of the family room from the kitchen nook. 

 I love decorating this wooden plank we have hanging above the nook table.

And another crate, what do you know? I luv me some vintage crates. 
This one is for a demi-john/wine bottle.
 Well I hope you liked my little tour, I still have to take some pictures of the kitchen, 
living and dining room AND DA TREE (hopefully sooner than later). 
Well that's all I got for today, more later! Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone.



  1. Your house is lovely and I really like how you've decorated it. I moved three weeks ago to a smaller house and am still trying to put mine in order. I think I"ll just live vicariously through pictures of yours!

  2. It all looks so warm, cozy, and peaceful! And yes, February is still winter! Heck, I have some twinkle lights on my fireplace year round! I love them!


  3. Liebe Christine,
    Ihr habt so ein schönes gemütliches zu Hause.
    Ganz tolle Decoration überall.
    Eure beiden Katzen sind sehr schön.
    Wir haben einen gestreiften grauen tubentiger, der auch Freigang hat.
    Der hat auch seine eigene bez. zwei Weihnachtskisten wo er sehr gerne schläft. Siehe Post :
    Nochnals wünsche ich Euch ein sehr schönes Weihnachtsfest.
    Viele Grüße

    1. Wie immer lieben Dank Uwe die Katzenkiste hab ich schon gesehen auf eurem Blog. Super tolle Idee!

  4. you really do have such a knack for arranging and presenting! i have stopped making displays and such but you are putting the inspiration out there to create, explore, and design. i feel compelled to start again! i have enjoyed every single post since i've been a subscriber. thank you for sharing your creativity and Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much for that D !!!!! What a sweet comment!!!!! Inspiring is what it's all about! Happy New Year

  5. thank you for sharing!!! love the it all!!! Happy Holidays!!!

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