Monday, April 4, 2016

Ohhhhh, Why Must I Take Down The Easter Decor ?

NOT IN THE MOOD...need I say more? I could decorate with cute bunnies year round!!! 

It always takes me forever to take down my seasonal decor. 
Perhaps I need to get in the habit of starting out earlier!!! DUHHHHHH

Well, maybe you can find some Easter inspiration 
here for next year...LOL

Some of it can stay, minus the Easter

Do you guys remember my Easter Bunny photo shoot
 from last week?(If not you must check it out immediately)

Well, I parked the little Easter wagon on the covered patio 
(Bugsy Territory) so it wouldn't get wet. And look 
who claimed it. He jumps in there and nibbles on his hay. 
I think I will have to re-name it "Bugsy's Hay Wagon".

Another spot he took over is my Adirondack chair. 

It's so adorable watching him take his 
naps there ... zzzzzzzz

I suppose when you are a desired "male model" 
you can't miss those union breaks!

Below is a short video our son made of him hanging out in his wagon.....

Thanks so much for visiting !!!!! MUAHHHHH

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  1. Mr. Bugsy is adorable! He is quite the model and really seems to enjoy the camera.
    I always enjoy your blog posts. They are always creative and fun!

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  2. Can't blame yah, your collection of bunnies are just adorable! I'm hanging on to mine for a while too!

  3. Rabbit is sweet... ugly clown with yellow teeth at the end of video is creepy.

  4. Rabbit is sweet... ugly clown with yellow teeth at the end of video is creepy.

  5. Such a cute rabbit! I feel the same way about taking down my Easter decor...I get used to it being part of a vignette etc and want to keep it:)

  6. If my Easter decor was as cute and inspiring as yours, I'd want to leave it up all year long!

  7. I never tire of seeing pics of your precious bunny! I think it's only natural for him to want to nest in your wagon full of hay.

  8. Just leave it out if you want to - it's your house! It all looks so cute, I say leave it!

  9. I haven't put away all of mine - Just the stuff that really yells Easter. I think natural looking eggs and rabbits are fine for the rest of spring :)

  10. I love to use bunnies for spring, Easter or not, and you of all people can have bunnies all year long! Loved the video, cutest pet ever!

  11. Christine- I just love your Easter decor! I too am very bad about switching out my decor items. I never got around to switching out my mantle from Christmas. Most of the stuff was taken down by the end of January, but I never made the time to do the Easter stuff and now its too late :( But I am getting inspired to Spring/Summer! I will be exploring more on your site as well. I am stopping by from #ImpartingGrace today where we are neighbors.

  12. If I can still have a few Christmas items around, you can certainly enjoy your Easter decor. Bugsy is a handsome male photo model. Loved the video. Tell your son the wild bunnies around the yard have made my azalea bed their bathroom. Rabbit pellets galore!

  13. Oh, my, your bunny is too cute! We had a pet lop years ago- she was kind of ornery. I love my bunny decor and keep most of it out year round.

  14. I feel this way about Christmas. I love all the festive decor of the holiday and am sad when I must remove it. I don't decorate as much for Easter, but if my house looked as cute as yours does at Easter, I would hate to put it away too!

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  15. Awwww like you said, some can stay. And that Bugsy is the cutest thing I've seen lately. I hate to change out after the summer into fall decorations. I don't know why exactly, because I always enjoy it afterwards. :) Your Easter home is lovely.

  16. I so love all of your decorations! Even that little guy! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  17. I love seeing Bugsy and he is ready for Prime Time!


  18. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

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  20. I still have to send you one of my Easter bunnies, lol! I have to remember! At least we get to enjoy those cuties all year long, even though the Easter deco has to go down, hey?? I'm hosting a new Linky "Sweet Inspiration", I'd love for you to come and join in Christine!!!

  21. Gorgeous decor especially Bugsy and I know I still have an Easter bunting up because it brightens my welsh dresser

  22. Your decor, bunny and video are all adorable! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xoKathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

  23. I know what you mean. I took down the Easter-specific decor but I left the spring-y stuff up for a little longer. I just wasn't ready. Thanks so much for sharing at Inspiration Thursday!

  24. Well that bunny sure knows a comfy spot when he sees one. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  25. Oh my gosh...if my Easter decor was as adorable as yours, I wouldn't want to take it down either! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!!! xoxo

  26. Don't tell anyone, but I still have my Easter decor!! I've been so busy with other projects and my bunnies and nests are so cute, I haven't the heart to pack them away! lol Glad to see I'm not alone ;-) Sue via Your Inspired Design

  27. I'm a big fan of Easter decor and I think it can stay up all spring and even into the summer. I usually keep nests out almost all summer and bunnies...well I see them in our yard all summer long. So there you go...
    The video your son made is so cute!
    Mary Alice

  28. I feel ya! Plus, your real and artificial bunnies are so darn adorable!! I would want to leave them up all the time no matter what :)

  29. I hated taking down my Easter decor--in fact it stayed up way beyond the holiday. It's "spring" decor after all! So cute, and can't beat a real bunny for Easter Decor! Thanks for sharing at the Pretty Project Party! XO, Amy

    mei so nette HASEN muss man einfach länger stehen lassen
    der richtige HASE ist so goldig,,,,
    und das VIDEO ist einfach niedlich,,,
    ich wünsche noch einen schönen ABEND
    und DANKE für die lieben WORTE bei mir
    BUSSALE bis bald die BIRGIT


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