My Projects

        DIY Personalized Birthday Gift         Hanging An Old Window On The Fence

Basket Chandelier On Pulley                  Chalk Paint Planter

Owl Clock Wall Art                       Mini Bar In A Crate

Latitude & Longitude Sign                            Deer Wall Art

Mossy Candles                               BOO Letters

Wooden Spool Patio Table                            Rusty Can Lanterns

       Trash Can Planters                           Master Bath Make Over

Cute Polka Dot Pillows                        Mothers Day Table

Foam Window Covers                       DIY Rope Tie Backs

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Bajot Table                        Chalkboard Monogram  

        Paint Your Old Buckets                        Tons Of Outdoor Decoration Ideas

Lantern Make Over                                     Potting Bench Make Over

Outdoor Hanging Lantern                             Little DIY Moss Hearts




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    1. Thanks Lin for stopping by my new little blog

    2. love everything <3 and crafts are soo endless n fun... :)

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    1. Birdie, thanks sooo much for the visit!!!! Hope to see you come back soon!

  3. WOW! I adore your blog! The design of it, your amazing DIY ideas, the color of your house, the fact that you have a turtle! AMAZING!!!! Newest subscriber here :D

    Would love for you to check out my blog It's a beauty and lifestyle blog, and it's my little baby right now. I am very passionate about growing it and meeting other bloggers that inspire me to keep doing what I love!

  4. I too love lanterns and too often add to my collection. Your DIYs are beautiful - I've enjoyed looking through them. I'm new to your blog. Greetings from Love My DIY Home. Karen from To Work With My Hands recommended it. I especially like your potting bench. Such a cute addition to your porch. I like usable decor!


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