Friday, October 28, 2016

Project Challenge: Reclaimed Wood

Hello friends, it's been a while since our last project challenge. We all needed to take a summer break, but here we are, back again!!!! This months project is "RECLAIMED WOOD"

I literally sat down the night before and came
up with this little house number sign, super 
quick and easy little project.

Here is how I made it:

I've had this old crate for years and it was starting to break. 
So it seemed, I found my victim for the reclaimed wood I needed.

I took the crate apart with a wire cutter (to pull out old nails) and a hammer. 
It came apart fairly easy. I'm sure there are much better and faster ways 
but I am no good with tools....LOL

Here is my pile of scrap wood....ohhhh what a treasure!!!

I used WORD to print out the house numbers using 
the font: "STENCIL" and a font size of "300". 

I printed each number on a separate page.

I cut out the numbers and lightly taped them on the wood.

Traced around the numbers with a pencil.

Then used a black marker to trace around again.

Then I used a little acrylic paint and filled in the numbers 
with a paint brush.

NOW...I have to admit I do have a Cricut machine and I am sure I could have 
done this project much much faster by simply creating a stencil, BUT I still haven't 
made time to figure out the darn thing. I want someone to come over and show 
me how to do it. Is that too much to ask? LOL

Anywise here is my finished project, the good thing is you can see anybody 
can do this project, no skills or fancy machines needed!

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