Saturday, July 26, 2014

My First Cowhide Rug

Hello Everyone,  Well I finally jumped on the cowhide wagon and got myself a
"MOO MOO" cow for our dining room. You might remember my plans for a new
Dining Room Look ? Well it's coming along slowly but surely!

On my  IKEA Shopping Trip last weekend, I purchased this brown cowhide
with a few little white spots on it.
Truth be told, I had previously purchased a brown 
cowhide from World Market, but the ones at IKEA 
were on sale for $200 and the one from Word Market 
was $350. So I returned the World Market rug...
Need I feel guilty now????

I know not everyone approves of cowhides or other types of
animal skins for clothing or decorations. But it's like I told 
one of my vegetarian friends when accused of 
supporting the industry: 
So this could be considered an up-cycle, right?"

Well, that's what's new around here this week. I will be taking a blogging break
for a few weeks for the summer. Before I go here is a little cowhide
eye candy for you to drool over.....

Decorating with Cowhide Rugs

Source Unknown

Want to see more pics? Check out my Pinterest Board on Decorating with Cowhides and Furs

How about you Peeps, do you like cowhides 
as much as I do?
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

A few new things from IKEA

Hello Sweets, my friend Jill and I went to IKEA yesterday and did a little damage between the two of us. 
I am really busy today, so here are some quick pictures of some new treasures throughout the house.

I got these beautiful white MATILDA curtains for our Master Bedroom. They have a little pattern to it that I love. The wicker trunk is also from Ikea, but I've had it for a while. 
It's hard to take a good picture with daylight 
coming through a window
here is a link to the IKEA Matilda curtains
I also got a cute little BYHOLMA basket for on top of the Master Bedroom Armoire, 
it matches my large wicker trunk perfectly
My Mother In-Love painted these 
adorable pictures of our son
Here is a link to the Byholma basket

I got new white bedding for the Master Bed...
just plain white which looks best with the 
rich GINGER wall color 
(the 3 large throw pillows are NOT from Ikea)
here is a link 

Let me take you to the master bathroom. We have these 3 huge drawers in the 
middle of the sink and I can never keep my things organized in there
so IKEA came to the rescue
I love this set of three trays for bathroom storage
And another organizer idea from Ikea

link: IKEA Lidan

Ok, off to the guest bedroom, I also got the 
IKEA Matilda  curtains for in here

Maybe I gave you some ideas to keep more organized. I know I sure need all the help I can get.
Off to tackle my Linen closet now (it is a dangerous place, I might get lost in
Happy Sunday Peeps and thanks for coming to visit me!

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

DIY Chalkboard & A Monogram Tutorial

Hello and Happy Weekend Peeps, I am really busy working on our Dining Room this weekend, 
so I am sharing a little project I actually did a few month back but never shared before. 
I've always wanted to have a Family Name Monogram on a Chalkboard for our Staircase wall,
so I did some research on Pinterest and found this awesome tutorial from 
Lilacs and Longhorns

 First step,  I had to make another chalkboard.
Luckily I had an old frame in the garage with a hideous print. 

I took out the print (in the garbage it went) 
and simply painted the glass with chalk paint. 
Once it dried I got busy with the chalk-board art
Julie from Lilacs and Longhorns  shared a super easy transfer
method that I had to try myself.

Step #1
 On my Computer, I choose a font I liked and printed out the letter "V" and also our 
Family Name, established, etc.....  Make sure to make the letter and everything 
else you want to print big enough for the size of your chalkboard.

Step #2
  You will need a round plate, or platter to trace a circle for the wreath. I placed my platter 
upside down on the board where I wanted the wreath. Then, I outlined it about 80% 
of the way around — using my chalk ink pen — leaving a little gap at the top so it’s 
not a full-circle wreath.

Step #3
I added some leaves to the circle (free hand).  Draw the shape of an orange wedge or 
apple slice — they do not have to be perfect and they don’t all have to look the same!
Also, they will probably look wrong to you as you’re going along.  
Hang in there, it will look good when you’re all done. Plus, it’s chalk and totally erasable!

Step #4
When you’re done with the leaves (by the way, you don’t need to fully embellish them at this point) 
get your print-out of your monogram and rub chalk on the BACK of the paper 
directly behind the monogram.

Step #5
Turn the paper over so the chalk side is on the board. Carefully center it and then trace 
the letter with a pencil. You don’t have to fill it in, just trace an outline. 
Press firmly so the chalk on the  back of the paper transfers on to the chalkboard.

Step #6
Remove the paper and you’ll see a faint outline of your image.  

Use a chalk pen or regular chalk to trace over the image and then fill in as desired.

I did the same procedure for our Family Name and EST 1993

Step #7
Finish filling in your wreath leaves. I found that I liked using the chalk ink 
pen best for the outlines and the real chalk for shading and filling in. it is...I added some huge letters I found at Hobby Lobby on top of the frame
 I hung the chalk board on our staircase wall. 
I am planning on creating a fun gallery wall there, 
so there is still lots of work to be done here! 

As always, thanks a million for taking the time to visit me!!!! 
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Chalk Board Art and DIY Monogram Tutorial for Chalk Board Re-purpose Old Picture Frame Up-cycle Decorating 
With Chalk Boards Decorating with Letters 
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