Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

Hello sweet readers and friends, I want to wish you all a 
very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and all the health 
and happiness you can wish and pray for. 

Below is a cute picture I took of our Teddy last week!!! 
Cuteness overload!  

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Our Christmas Porch and a Blog Hop Festival

Well hello there everyone & welcome to our "Christmas Blog Hop" where 30 bloggers are 
opening their doors for you to share Christmas decor inspiration and recipes.  
(links to everyone's blogs appear at the end of this post).

So, let me get right to it and share what I am sharing for the blog hop. Here is our 
Christmas porch, and once again I was going for a 
"Natural & Simple Scandi Look". 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Our Halloween Front Porch 2017


So today I am sharing our Halloween front porch just in time for Trick or Treater's 
coming over later tonight!

Monday, October 30, 2017

A Little Halloween Tour 2017

Hello everyone, as always I am barely getting my Halloween post up here on time.  
Every year I tell myself to get started earlier and it never happens. 
Well, 1 more day until Halloween and if I don't post our 
little Halloween tour now it will never happen. 

So without a ton of chatter, here we are....welcome to our little tour. I don't go 
overboard with Halloween and only have a few little areas downstairs decorated. 
Most of the big stuff we purchased years ago when we did a Haunted House 
for the kids. Otherwise we probably wouldn't have much Halloween Decor period. 

Come into the foyer. This scary dude is waiting for you!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Our Halloween Bunny

Well hello there and Happy Halloweenie peeps!!!! 
Well, today I have a special treat for you guys. It was time for Bugsy 
to get dressed up again for our annual Halloween photo shoot. 

This year I found this cute prisoner costume for him. PINCH ME!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Natural Scandi-Boho Style Fall Front Porch

Hello sweets & welcome to the "Fall Festival Blog Hop"
which I am proud to be part of along with many incredible
 and talented bloggers which I wish I could meet in person one day. 

First off, I need to thank Kendra from Joy In Our Home for hosting this Fall 
Hop and for inviting me to participate!

So, here we go, let me share my Fall Front Porch with you. This year I was going 

for the Scandi-Boho look which I am madly in-love with! 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

3 Kittens, A Bunny, A Tortoise Tale & Some Re-Decorating

Hello Loves, well if you are ready for a dose of  furry cuteness you are in the right place! 
So our son Robbie has been asking for a kitten for a while and we've been hesitant cuz, 
my husband and I are more dog people plus we have "Bugsy" the bunny and we were 
not sure if a cat might hurt him. But, to make a long story short these 3 feral kittens 
came to us from a friend who rescued them and needed someone willing to 
kitty-sit until we can find them homes. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Need Easter Decor Inspiration?

Hello Loves, it's been a busy month for our family and I have to admit 
I have not done any decorating for this Spring and Easter Season yet. 
I am planning on getting started this coming weekend, which is why I 
was going through all of my previous Easter posts from by blog.  

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

3 Gorgeous BOHO STYLE Room Make-Overs In Bavaria

Well HELLO everyone, it's been a bit quiet around the blog lately. Somehow 
I have been feeling pretty lazy 🙈 Shame on me!

Well, since I have nothing much exciting of mine to show you guys this week, I would 
love to share some pictures of my best friend Michi's house in Bavaria/Germany. 

Michi recently gave her foyer, her office and her kitchen a make-over by 
simply paining the walls and re-decorating the rooms with different decor.

Monday, February 13, 2017

A little Make Over In The POWDER ROOM

Hello loves, I've been tired of our powder room for some time now. It has been 
ginger red for 8 years now, so needless to say it was time to re-paint and freshen up. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Decorating With Wooden Spools

Hello friends, is anybody else as crazy about wooden spools as I am???
We have an old wooden spool in our backyard that I found on Craigslist a while back. 
Each season I decorate it a bit different and it adds rustic charm to our otherwise
BLAAAHHHH cement patio in the backyard. 

I have been finding many gorgeous images of wire spools all over blog-land 
and Instagram. I now have a large Pinterest board on wire spools and I think 
I need to share the spool goodness!

So I put together a post with some of my favorite"WOODEN SPOOLS". 
So here ya go sweets...I hope you will get one after seeing these pictures!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Would Love Your Input On Choosing A Paint Color

Hi sweet friends, totally boring post today!
You might remember me mentioning in a previous post that I don't like the paint color 
in our dining room I repainted a while ago (too much yellow in it).  Well I am getting
ready to have the room repainted and today I slapped on some Sherwin Williams 

paint samples on each wall in the dining room. Would love to hear 
your thoughts...

I suck picking paint colors (CLEARLY, otherwise I would not have to re-paint the room)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 in Review

Hello and Happy New Year and all the best to all of you!!! Another year has gone by 
so fast and here we are in 2017.

We still have family over from Germany, so it's been a little slow on my blog 
and I am wayyyyy behind on catching up on reading everybody else's  blogs.

I typed up this quick post last night with a look back of my top posts from 2016. This might
give you a chance to catch up on some posts you might have missed during the year.