Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Natural Scandi-Boho Style Fall Front Porch

Hello sweets & welcome to the "Fall Festival Blog Hop"
which I am proud to be part of along with many incredible
 and talented bloggers which I wish I could meet in person one day. 

First off, I need to thank Kendra from Joy In Our Home for hosting this Fall 
Hop and for inviting me to participate!

So, here we go, let me share my Fall Front Porch with you. This year I was going 

for the Scandi-Boho look which I am madly in-love with! 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

3 Kittens, A Bunny, A Tortoise Tale & Some Re-Decorating

Hello Loves, well if you are ready for a dose of  furry cuteness you are in the right place! 
So our son Robbie has been asking for a kitten for a while and we've been hesitant cuz, 
my husband and I are more dog people plus we have "Bugsy" the bunny and we were 
not sure if a cat might hurt him. But, to make a long story short these 3 feral kittens 
came to us from a friend who rescued them and needed someone willing to 
kitty-sit until we can find them homes.