Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Natural Scandi-Boho Style Fall Front Porch

Hello sweets & welcome to the "Fall Festival Blog Hop"
which I am proud to be part of along with many incredible
 and talented bloggers which I wish I could meet in person one day. 

First off, I need to thank Kendra from Joy In Our Home for hosting this Fall 
Hop and for inviting me to participate!

So, here we go, let me share my Fall Front Porch with you. This year I was going 

for the Scandi-Boho look which I am madly in-love with! 

The only new things I purchased for this look is the 
from Earthbound Products, the grassy plant and of course the 
pumpkins and gourds. It is always a bit of a challenge creating 
different looks by using what you already have. Otherwise all of 
us bloggers would be flat-out broke....haha
Some of the things I use over and over again to decorate our 
outdoor spaces with are old crates, old buckets, tubs and baskets. 
I don't seem to tire of all the old rubbish I collected over the 
years from Antique Stores and Craft Fairs. 

The pillow, silver lantern and wooden beads are Homegood finds. 
I placed some battery operated twinkle lights in the little lantern. 
Twinkle lights make everything better!

 I also love to use nature in decor as much as I can. I look for 
driftwood branches and sticks every time we are out by the water. 
I wrapped some more battery operated twinkle lights around 
the large driftwood stick branch.

 I think this old typewriter crate ROCKS 
the little fall vignette!

These beautiful Cinderella/Fairy Tale pumpkins are my favorite. 
If you have a Trader Joes in your area, they always carry them this 
time of year. Not all grocery stores sell them. 

I also love to use furry throws, you can find them at places 
like Homegoods and Marshalls, TJ Maxx, ect. for pretty inexpensive. 

 Here is our front door, I was so into decorating the porch 
that I totally forgot to hang a wreath on the naked door (sniff sniff).

If you are wondering about the chalkboard on the wall, that is 
a piece of plywood I painted with chalk paint and hung it up. 
It's fun to personalize it for each season or occasion! 
I am not creative when it comes to chalkboard writings, so I 
just copied something I saw on Instagram by Kristi from 
"Making It In The Mountains".

I found this cute crown in Germany this summer and it 
didn't break in the suitcase.

I have a wire basket hanging from an old pulley on our arch 
leading to the front porch. 

I filled the basket with driftwood, a pumpkin and a couple of tealights.

Ohhh and at twilight it all looks even better!

Could not resist posting one more pic in the dark! 

I love to see the macrame hanging from the 
inside looking out.  

And just because Bugsy is sooo flippin cute laying in front of 
the kitten toys, I had to post this one as well!!! If you want some 
more furry cuteness, check out my last blog post HERE about our new 
kittens, daaaa bunny and the run-away tortoise.

OK, now back to the rest of the Fall Festival. Please visit these awesome bloggers for tons of fall inspiration for each day of this week (links below pics).

Vignettes on Monday

Front Porches on Tuesday

Fall Recipes on Wednesday

Tablescapes on Thursday

Mantles on Friday

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