Sunday, September 17, 2017

3 Kittens, A Bunny, A Tortoise Tale & Some Re-Decorating

Hello Loves, well if you are ready for a dose of  furry cuteness you are in the right place! 
So our son Robbie has been asking for a kitten for a while and we've been hesitant cuz, 
my husband and I are more dog people plus we have "Bugsy" the bunny and we were 
not sure if a cat might hurt him. But, to make a long story short these 3 feral kittens 
came to us from a friend who rescued them and needed someone willing to 
kitty-sit until we can find them homes. 

We thought this would be a great opportunity to see how we like 
to have cats in the house, plus Robbie could prove how well 
he can take care of them.  

They were about 8 weeks old when they came to us. Two red boys 
and 1 dark tortie female. They had ear mites and fleas which we got 
treated straight away but other than that they are healthy!

Well, let me share some cute pics of the furry gang.

Here are the  amigos eating together in front of the tortoise house.

Which they took over right away, since Willie our tortoise has been in his outside enclosure for the summer. So I like to say he was sub-leasing his tortie condo out to the 3 kittens for the summer ...ha ha

Luckily, the kittens have been no problem so far with Mrs Bugsy. 
For the most part they ignore each other. 

I love this pic, it looks like Bugsy is holding on to his one and only toy 
(a Startrek Tribble) for dear life. No share with kittens!!!! 

Needless to say, I luv this pic!!!!! 

Well, really he was just cleaning himself!!! lol

Yup, that's how he rolls!

Well, before I knew it, we decided to keep 2 of the kittens above. 
A red boy "Teddy" and his sister "Ashley" for Ash.

This handsome red cutie "Yedi" went to live with our neighbors 
down the street. 

 Here is Teddy snoooozing....

 Sooo cute!

Tons of play.

And lots of napping....

So the re-decorating I mentioned in the post title was not made 
by me this time, but by the kittens. 
They are so talented I had to share....

So our family room turned into a kitten day-care facility!

Poor Bugsy is surrounded by all these cat

Robbie is a super kitten Daddy. 

He can do anything with them (unlike the rest of us.)

And most important,  he is soooo happy!!!!

So on another note, I thought you might enjoy our

run-away tortoise story. 

So our Russian tortoise "Willie" escaped this summer from his outdoor 
enclosure AGAIN (yes, not the first time he ran away)!
He has an outside summer run and a wooden fence piece came loose 
and off he went for an adventure! Most people don't know that 
tortoises are roamers & escape artists by nature. They can bury 
very deep & also climb a bit & most important  
"they are very persistent". 

While searching for our Willie I placed ads on sites like the "Lost and Found" section on Craigslist, and the "Lost and Found Pets 
of Thurston County" Facebook page.

After about 10 days I got a call from a men who picked up a tortoise crossing 
a road on our side of town, he took it home and immediately searched the internet and ran across my ad on 

My husband drove right over to his house to pick up our little escape artist 
only to find out that this was not our Willie, but another run away 
tortoise. I mean what are the odds? 2 Run away torties on the same 
side of town?  Was there a secret tortoise convention this summer in Olympia? 

Anywise, this tortoise was much bigger than ours and a different breed all together. This one was a beautiful young female Sulcata/Spurfoot tortoise,
these guys can get up to a 100 pounds. 

Since the rescuer did not know what to do with a tortoise we took her home with us hoping to find it's owner by placing more ads on the internet.

 Mrs. Jane Doe Tortie spend the day on our back porch together with our bunny sharing lettuce and carrots. 

One feels so much better after a warm bath! 

Here she is visiting Bugsy's bachelor patch. 

Well, thanks to the "Lost and Found Pets of Thurston County" Facebook page" we tracked down her owner by the next day and she was picked up.

That very same evening I got a call from someone replying to our ad on our 
still missing Willie. They told me they picked up a tortoise (matching our Willie's description) the prior week crossing a road about 5 miles away
 from our house.  

From there the little guy got a ride with his rescuers and ended up in a cute little cottage on Summit Lake. Coincidentally the  young lady who took him in happened to be a turtle enthusiast and had been taking beautiful care of him for the past week and a half.  It seemed to us that Willie wanted a summer vacation on the lake, so he took off determined and hitch-hiked his way out there !!!! Thanks to all the wonderful missing pet resource sites on-line we got 2 run-away's tracked down and back to safety. 
Funny story, isn't it?

Well I hope to get back to blogging more for the rest of the year, 
thanks to all of you that have stuck with me!!!! MUAHHH 

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