Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Wintery Kitchen

Hola Amiga's, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.
We have my Mom here visiting from Germany, so there has been a lot of cooking and baking
going on in our kitchen. Last night we had some friends over for a yummy German dinner
and I figured I better take some quick pics while the house is picked up and clean!!!!

I didn't feel like getting the formal dining room ready for company, so we ate in
 the kitchen nook, which is a bit more cozy anywise. 

It was starting to get dark outside and the I-phone is horrible at
taking pictures indoors when it gets gloomy.
Question to my fellow blogger friends:
Do you take pictures with your phones or do you use a
digital camera for blogging?

Another IKEA star in the kitchen window. You can see
plenty more in my Christmas Tour post from last week.

I am keeping it natural and neutral this year,
no bright Christmas colors at all.
    In fact, a lot of my décor can stay all winter, because it
does not scream "CHRISTMAS".

  Well, back to work for me this week. Last week I turned into a bit of a hermit crab. I love days when you can stay in your Pj's and not leave the house.
Ohhh and don't forget to check out my "Christmas Tour" post
if you haven't already done so:


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  1. I love the neutral colors you used for Christmas. I did the same thing. I find I don't tire of it so soon. It flows with my regular decor. I still have my decor up and will probably take it down in the next couple of days. You asked about what about what we use to take pictures with for blogging. I use a nice Nikon camera. I got it new last summer and just love it! I rarely use my iphone for pics on the blog. I only use it when I'm away from home. Then, before I use them on my blog, I edit them for clarity and lightness.

  2. Looks beautiful Christine. I rarely use my i phone and use a cannon dlr camera. It takes better pictures. I use pic monkey it is free to edit all my pictures for clarity and brightness after I take any pictures. That way they look nicer on the posts. Happy New Year.

  3. Love your neutral decor...how great that you can leave it up and not have to rush to take everything down. The table in your kitchen nook is gorgeous too! I use a Nikon camera for pictures on my blog....

  4. Love your reindeer, he/she's quite lovely, did you paint that? I got a stencil with reindeer head but never got around to using it. Had right shoulder replaced on Dec.7th. so any decorating done was before. first few days were pretty rough at home but was sent home from hospital day after surgery, sheesh. They seemed to think I was fine, didn't ask me, lol.
    Seems several folks were keeping their decorating simple and easier this year. It does get to be an awful lot, if you work especially, to put all that away. We didn't get our usual decorations out at all, got few things at Dollar Tree and whatever i had in house already to use.Still enuf to have to put away and am ready to do it now.
    Have great New Years Eve/New Years. Don't work too hard.
    How wonderful you had your MOm there over Christmas, bet she's one heck of a cook, baker.

  5. OMIGOSH your kitchen is so cozy! and I would LOVE a beautiful eating space like that.


    I feel another renovation urge coming on... Happy new year!

  6. I love the neutral colors and winter decor that can be kept in place long after the holidays have passed. I hope you and your family have a wonderful visit and have fun baking all of those goodies! BTW, I use a digital camera for my blog pics...sometimes the big guns (Canon 5D Mark II) that I used in my photography business, but most of the time I use my Samsung Galaxy camera...which is awesome! :-) Happy New Year!!

  7. Looks great Christine! I don't use my phone, but I don't have a fancy camera either...just a canon point and shoot. How great that your Mom is there...I am sure you are cherishing this time with her! Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  8. Christine, it all looks great. How nice to have your mom there. I miss my sweet mother!
    I don't have a digital camera, so use my phone. Some shots are much better than others. It definitely needs light.
    Have a Happy New Year.

  9. I'm lovin' that deer head. Gorgeous. I'll eventually make one... when everyone moves on to something else. ha hahah Eventually I get there. Hope you have a wonderful 2016. Your friend Linda @Crafts a la mode

  10. Christine, your decor is perfect to transition into winter out of Christmas. It is rustic and beautiful! I live in the boondocks so I don't have a fancy phone thus I'm forced to use a digital camera. Nothing fancy just an automatic. I'm really happy with it for now. Plus I love Pic monkey for those shots that come out too dark. I also try to take pics of my projects out on the balcony where we have natural light... so on any given day you'll find me out on the balcony in my pajamas shooting pics. lol! Have a Happy New Year my friend.

  11. So lovely - I'm so drawn to your neutral style: simply beautiful!

  12. Your home is so beautiful Christine. Love your kitchen!! I use a digital camera, which makes it easier to set and adjust the lighting so my photos aren't grainy. But, I do need to use umbrella lights when it's really dark. Even with a good camera lighting can be tricky. I never had an iphone when I started my blog. I do take my instagram photos with my phone.
    Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!

  13. Such a pretty and cozy kitchen! I love the wood cabs and the countertops...we are doing a reno in our kitchen this summer and I DO NOT want to paint the oak cabinets. But the dark paint on the walls - now that's an idea! I love it. (: I decorate a lot with naturals, too. I like to leave out pinecones til March!

  14. Looks so great!
    many greetings from Germany and a great New Year 2016

  15. Liebe Christine,
    bei dir sieht es überall im Haus sooo gemütlich aus und alles ist so schön dekoriert. Du hast gefragt, wem unser Haus gehört...also eigentlich ist es mein Haus, aber meine Tochter wohnt noch zuhause...ein Stockwerk tiefer. Allerdings gibt es von ihrem Wohnungsteil gerade keine Bilder, da wir dort momentan renovieren. Da gibt es bestimmt im neuen Jahr dann Posts auf unserem Blog wenn die Zimmer fertig sind.
    Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie einen guten Rutsch und ein glückliches, wundervolles neues Jahr mit vielen Lichtblicken.

    Ganz liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

  16. Ich nochmal....Bilder für unseren Blog machen wir eigentlich immer mit der Spiegelreflex-Digitalkamera, nur ganz selten ist mal ein Handybild dabei.

    Nochmals Grüsse

  17. I like the idea of decorating for winter rather than for Christmas, because it can last longer ;)

  18. How pretty! I generally use my camera more than my phone, especially inside. Thank you for sharing this post at Tuesdays with a Twist! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  19. Looks great! I bet you love having your mom there cooking some great food. Enjoy your time together. Thanks so much for sharing for The Creative Circle Link Party.

  20. Glad that your mom got to come visit! Everything is great to carry through the winter. I put away Christmas, but left some of my plaid and gave it a few winter touches. Thanks for sharing with SYC. Oh, answer to your question is I use a camera, but use the phone for IG and Fb.

  21. Very pretty Christine! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home! Happy New Year!

  22. So pretty Christine! Wie schoen, dass Deine Mutter bei Dir war...I love your table setting and all the warm natural tones and elements you use to decorate! We were in Germany over the holidays and I enjoyed some meals I haven't had in years...Happy 2016!!!

  23. Love that deer sign vignette. And you can't go wrong w/ those Ikea stars. Very nice!

  24. We are looking to move next spring and my number one requirement is a nice kitchen with island and pantry. I love your kitchen it seems the perfect size.

    Thank you for sharing on Friday Features this week!
    Wishing you a Happy New year!!

  25. It looks so comfy and cozy, I love it! To answer your question I use my cell phone to take all my pictures, it takes WAY better pictures than my camera did!


  26. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

  27. Your kitchen is lovely - thank you for sharing with Pin Worthy Wednesday

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  30. Looks great! Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday.

  31. About your camera question... I use both. Mostly a camera at home and my iphone when I'm out and about. Thanks for sharing this at My Flagstaff Home.


  32. Neutrals are so pretty, cozy and festive for Christmas and Winter. Your tablescape in the kitchen nook is gorgeous, I just had four for dinner in our kitchen nook too. I love your wooden table and the color neutral of your kitchen cabinets. Hope you come by and visit too.
    I use a digital camera, actually I've never taken a pic with my phone, lol
    Have a terrific week.


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