Monday, January 11, 2016

Wintery Decor On The Back Patio

Hello and Happy New Year peeps!!! Today I am sharing a little corner in our backyard 
with you, all decked out in winter décor. This year we got our Christmas tree kind
of late (8 days before Christmas), so when it was time to get rid of the tree, it still
looked so beautiful and  fresh. So when we took it down, we cut off all the branches
and saved them for some winter décor outside.
  I filled our little fire pit and the wooden crate on the spool table
with tons of branches.

 The little lanterns are from IKEA,  I just hung them from
a branch with twine.

The pretty heather plants are not so pretty anymore,
they are supposed to come back in full bloom
next year.

I love this spool table I got this summer. It is so fun to
decorate it for the seasons.

And some more branches for this old tub
hanging on our fence.

Simple and pretty, don't you think?? Since it seems we won't be getting any snow anytime soon, I can at least enjoy seeing this little corner in the backyard from the kitchen window and dream of winter.
It only snowed a tiny bit in Olympia, WA for one afternoon last
week. I took this picture of our front porch. If you follow me
on Instagram you may have already seen it.
As always, thanks for your visit today!!!! I hope I have never ignored
any of your comments. If so, you might be a NON-Reply
blogger and I can not get back to you without an e-mail address!
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