Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY Rope Tie Backs -- Restoration Hardware Inpired

Hola Amiga's, how was your weekend? We still have my family visiting from Germany so I have been extra busy. But I wanted to share a tiny little project I did with the help from my Mom. I have been wanting to get "Rope Tie Backs" for our downstairs curtains to add a little PAZAAAAM !!!!!
 I have seen gorgeous rope tie backs at places like Restoration Hardware, but the cost is $60 for one and I needed four...So we needed to come up with a DIY solution. Now being the lazy person that I am and at all cost trying to avoid getting out the drill, here is what we did
I purchased 4 strings of  Jute Ropes  at Michaels for $5.99 each 
and 4  Clear Large Command Hooks for $4.99 each.
 We used one rope per curtain panel, and simply wrapped the rope
around the curtain loosely & secured the ends together by wrapping
jute twine around the ends. I hide the clear hook behind
the curtain, so you really can't see it on the wall.
Here is our Living Room window, I apologize for the bad quality pictures,
it was getting dark and I just didn't have good lighting.
By the way, the curtains are RITVA from Ikea. I love them
because they come in 118" length, and I think a little curtain
puddle on the floor looks good with the tie back look.

Here is our Dining room, again pictures are bad, I should try re-taking
better pictures during the day when I have plenty of natural light
coming in, but I was in a hurry to share this with you.....


  I think the rope really compliments the jute rug under the cowhide.
The dining room is far from finished, but coming along nicely.
If you missed my inspiration board for this room, click  HERE

 Now... keep in mind that we do not open and close our curtains downstairs so the
tie backs are just for looks, If you need to be able to tuck them in and out a lot, you might
want to check out these gorgeous tie backs from Restoration Hardware I mentioned earlier.

Or if you don't want to spend that much MULAHHHHHH
here are some more super awesome ROPE TIE BACK DIY's 
I found while getting ideas on-line.

Thanks so much for visiting me!!!! 
Sending warm winter hugs to all my readers!!!!

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