Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Lazy Sunday And A Bunny Home Tour

Hello everyone, today I have a very special little home tour for you. Our Bunny got a brand new
townhouse and wants to show off his new place......

This super cute hutch is not made out of real wood, but recycled polymers and 
wood composite, sort of like a Trex deck. It is supposed to be 
pretty weather resistant which we need here in the Pacific Northwest. 
It is called the Barrington-Townhouse-Rabbit-Hutch and 
we ordered it from

as you can see Bugsy is ready to take you on a tour....
this is the upper level

Here is his sleeping quarters, he even has a chew-proof 
heating pad here to keep his fuzzy butt warm at night.
and YES, we're all about privacy....
 Here is the lower level, I thought the ramp was a bit too 
steep for him, so I lifted it up a bit with an old soda crate, 
which is now his favorite spot.

 I couldn't resist showing you this cute picture, Bugsy comes to the sliding glass 
door when he wants to come inside....
  Meanwhile inside, another cutie is having breakfast, this is Wilfried our Russian Tortoise.
We recently moved his habitat into the kitchen nook from the upstairs office, which I wasn't 
too thrilled about at first, however it makes it easier to feed him and clean the habitat.

Here is our 2 legged cutie hanging out in the Playroom. 
See Godzilla on top of the mountain he made??? So cute....

As for me, I took a nice long bath today enjoying our freshly painted 
master bathroom (more on that project in another post)
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