Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our Tiny Mudroom

Hello Peeps, today I want to share our tiny mudroom. Actually, I shouldn't' even call it a room, it's really just a little area you walk into as you enter the house from the garage. It has been driving me crazy for a while now. It's mostly a big mess of shoes and coats. So I finally started cleaning up and decorating a bit. We actually have another coat closet just around the corner, so I moved everything we don't use on a daily basis in there, let's hope we can keep this area a little less cluttered for a while.

I actually forgot to take a BEFORE picture..sorry! I was too excited to start de-cluttering....

The large round basket with the chalk board label is from Target. I call it my "Crap Basket", this is where I throw anything that does not have a permanent home.
I added a little chalk board to this little basket. It's the perfect home for KEYS now.
I already had all the little decorations, like the little heart and straw purse. Found them in an upstairs closet, haven't seen that stuff in years ! and you shall

This wall next to the coat rack is still naked and needs work. I am keeping my eye open for some cool storage solutions here.
Here is a little shoe basket sitting on top of an old crate for some additional shoe storage.
And a little reminder on the door as you depart....
I know this area still needs more work, but it's a good start. I am not a blogger who shares things only as they are 100% done and perfect. Everything is work in progress around here.

Below are a couple of inspiration pictures I luv luv luv....maybe one day my little "crap nook" will look something like this...LOL

Thanks so much for visiting me today!!! Christine

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