Saturday, January 18, 2014

Our Play Room

Hello sweeties, fist off I need to thank each one of you who left such sweet and heartfelt condolences on the loss of our Newfoundland Brucie last week. If you missed that post you can click here HERE to catch up. It was truly touching to read all of the sweet words and sharing your losses with me. I miss my little bear lots!

So today I want to share our Playroom with you. I don't think I ever shared the bonus room here before. Mostly, cuz it's always a

The white toy storage is from Ikea, it's called Trofast. We love it.....very inexpensive and fun, the plastic bins come in different colors. You can get more info HERE
The large string light lanterns are from Target (on-line)
The rustic Mexican TV Armoire used to be downstairs in our Family room. But it works wonderful up here, it gives us a little extra storage for toys  as well!

Another TROFAST cabinet from Ikea
and here is the other side of the Play room....or should I call it LEGOLAND?

I really need to figure out a better solution here.... 

uhhhhh, don't judge.....I have some ideas for this side of the room already. If you would like to see some pictures for Playroom inspiration, click below to see my PINTEREST BOARD

Thanks for stopping by, and have wonderful 3 day weekend!