Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Newest Crush -- Furs and Cowhides

Hello and happy weekend everyone, today I want to share a new crush with you ....Furs and Cowhides....Seems that they are everywhere these days.....Around Christmas-time I purchased this fake throw fur from World Market.

I also found this huge furry floor pillow at World Market......well....let me re-phrase that....I thought it was a floor pillow until I read the tag and it said, "PET BED." DUHHHHHHHH!
but hey, it is a floor pillow
on another note, here is a "real furry little something cute" to put a smile on your face..
 Bugsy is our sons pet rabbit
  he spends a lot of time inside, and uses the litter box.
well, enough of the cuteness and back to the are a few pictures that inspired me ....

I think I will get myself a cowhide rug. World Market has some really nice ones. 
If you like them as much as I do, check out my Pinterest Board

As always thanks so much for stopping by! 
Toodles, Christine