Saturday, December 21, 2013

A little Christmas Tour

Hi and Happy Weekend to before Christmas is over, let me share a little more of our home decorated for the Holidays!

I don't like to over-kill with Christmas decorations, less is more
I stole some Evergreen branches from the forest behind our house
and added them in about every corner of the house
seems they are Bunny-approved!!!

I got myself a faux fur throw and 2 little sweater pillows from World Market this weekend...luv them....perfect for the winter

Brucie, our live-in bear rug is just as soft as the fake throw...but much smellier!!!!

Let's go to the kitchen
I stuffed a little snowman in the lantern with battery operated snow flake lights

Evergreens everywhere....
Off to the Living Room
so pretty with all the lights
I hope you enjoyed my little mini tour....if you want to see some more corners of the house decorated for Christmas check out these previous posts.
Thanks so very much for visiting my little blog today and have a Very Merry Christmas everybody!
xoxoxo Christine

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