Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Replies To Your Sweet Comments

Hello to all of my readers, as most of you know I haven't been blogging for a very long time yet, so everything is still a learning process for me. It just now came to my attention that most of you haven't been getting my replies to your comments. I assumed that by choosing REPLY to your original comment, you would get notified. But it seems that I need to be replying to you directly via email, which can also be difficult since a lot of you are NON-REPLY Bloggers.
So, that being said, please know that you have NOT been ignored if you have not gotten my replies in the past. I have made an effort to reply to each comment no matter how small.
It is Called "Operator Error", what can I say? LOL
So from now on you should be getting my replies unless you are a NON-REPLY Blogger.
Thanks to each one of you for all of your sweet words over these past 10 month.

So here is a little CUTENESS for you today, this should put a smile on your face!

Toodles, Christine

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  1. What a cute picture. I love your blog. Hoping you and yours have a wonderful Christmas : )

  2. This happened to me too. I figured it out after about 6-7 months and felt soooo badly. Boo. I think if they are email subscribers it may kick back to them when you do reply on the blog, but not sure.

  3. I changed back to Blogger from Google+ as it kept changing me to a no reply blogger which I still can't understand why they do this. Have a great week and I hope your preparations for Christmas are going well (and that you manage to get your throne back!) xx

  4. Too cute :) As far as the comments...I always reply by email...but wonder what people think when they don't see any replies in my posts. haha!

  5. PS...dare I tell you that you are coming up "no reply"? I think it has to do with Google + settings :)

  6. Christine...I wish the replies that are embedded would go straight to the comment-er but they don't. It bug..so I usually do a pp up box and I try to email replies. If somebody has a question it's nice to have everybody see the response. I bet there is a blogger hack to help us out though.

  7. Oh, I just wanna hop in there and cuddle with that little bunny! I try to reply also. Sometimes I am so busy and it becomes a little overwhelming. Hope people understand if I miss responding now and then!

  8. That picture/bunny is adorable!! When I first began blogging I mistakenly thought I was replying back to people by replying in the comment section to people, too. Blogging is definitely a 'learn as you go' venture...I'm still learning after a year and a half! :)


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