Tuesday, December 8, 2020

A Dreamy Little Christmas Porch 2020

Hello there everyone. It's been a while since my latest blog post this summer, 
time just flies by and it's time for Christmas once again. I hope this post finds 
you all healthy and in good spirits. I think we all need to surround ourselves with 
an extra dose of warmth & coziness this year, we all need it!

Well, I hope you will enjoy this Christmas porch!!
white string lights, vintage accents and some BOHO 
SCANDI vibes baby.....ME LIKEY

I purchased this old ladder from FB Marketplace earlier this year, having the porch 
or garden in mind. You can do so many cool things with old ladders. I filled the 
cool BOHO basket with fresh greens from the forest behind our house.

Added some moss up top, some cool decor and VOILA....
for those of you that don't know this, JUL is not our last name, it's CHRISTMAS 
in Scandinavian...LOL

This UBER awesome snowflake lantern is from World Market. Unfortunately they are
out of stock at the moment, I NEED MORE OF THESE...darn it! As you can see 
I love to fill baskets and vases with NATURE, moss and forest greens.... 
always my favorite over anything store bought.

Another large vintage wire basket is hanging from our arch in the walkway, 
also filled with moss, forest greens and pinecones.

Well. living in the Pacific Northwest has it's perks 
at Christmas time!

Our home at TWILIGHT, would have loved to put up more lights, but half of our string 
lights were busted after storing them in the garage for year,  and I was too lazy 
to run to the store to get more. 

I hope you enjoyed our little porch and found a little INSPIRATION here today!

I did not purchase a single new item for Christmas this year and I am so proud of 
myself (currently patting myself on the shoulders). 
I have been cleaning out the garage, selling all décor items I have not used in a few years. 
Having so much space back, it makes me really think twice now about bringing anything home.

I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas Season despite all the terrible things 
going on in the world. Stay safe and healthy and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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