Friday, October 10, 2014

New Junk And Decorating

Hello everyone, we've had some awesome fall bazaars in our area this last
weekend and I found some more junk I couldn't live without!

Here are some of my new treasures...Oh how I love that new junk pile of mine!!!

so here is what I did with some of my new treasures so far...the chalkboard box 
turned into my Junk Filing station on the kitchen counter
Yeah, I'd say it's an
Cleary, I am not ashamed of my messy counter!!!
the chicken wire frame turned into an organizer for my earrings. 
I hung it in my closet, now I can actually see what I have...LUV IT
The antlers found a home on my dining room buffet. 
I never thought I would ever purchase "antlers" in my life. 
Earlier this year I bought a Cowhide Rug for our
dining room and now antlers??? 
What will be next???
Now let me share some pictures I took while hunting
for my antlers last weekend... 
This adorable store is called Little Hill Farm and is
located in McCleary, WA
Check out her outdoor tub with a shower head???? 

I am in love with this patio area
Another super creative planter idea

This shop is called Wisteria Cottage 
and is located in Lacey, WA
I love how Sharron hung the galvanized buckets from a chain.
Both ladies have their stores on their own properties.

We also moved all our outdoor furniture into the 
garage for the winter this last weekend. While moving the 
potting bench, I ran into this  little cutie....
Doesn't he look adorable next to the wreath? 
They match!!!
Well that was the full report of my last weekend!!!
Let's see what this one will bring!
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  1. Oh I love your junk treasures! I have a set of galvanized drawers like your chalkboard one. What a great way to use it! Those shops are amazing. I'd love to have a little shop like that. How fun.
    Blessings, Deborah

  2. Love all you found. I want to come to WA and go shopping with you!

  3. What a great shop! I loved their outdoor areas set up. You found some great things. That little frog is adorable.

  4. Such a good idea to have a totally cute box to hold all the junk that accumulates on the kitchen counter! I need one too!

  5. I love that you named it 'For Junk Piles' hahaha :)
    The patio area with the stove is to fall in love with!
    The frog is cute,but I miss bunny in the pics ;)

  6. Love your new junk and how you've used it so far, it looks great!


  7. Wow, love your "junk" that you found, haven't bought antlers yet but have seen some faux ones that I'll consider!

  8. Love the goodies you bought! and I am loving the antlers and the galvanized stuff you bought....Thanks for sharing your shopping trip!

  9. LOVE your finds, Christine and how you have utilized them! Wow, that store looks amazing--smitten with the garden tool display! Have a great week! Blessings, Cecilia

  10. Great finds, Christine! I love your new "junk station" - and those shops you shared are adorable! Have a great week!

  11. Thanks for taking us with you my friend...I'm inspired! So many ideas and love your junk station! xo (as always thank you for linking - you're wonderful!)

  12. Wow, so much eye candy! I would love to visit those shops. So much to look at, I could get lost for hours. Thanks for stopping by Scrapality and leaving a comment. I would like to invite you to my weekly party on Saturdays at 8AM. It ends in a couple hours from now, but you can join the party this Saturday. Again, thanks for stopping by!

  13. I am so impressed that you brought everything home and USED it immediately! Now that is something that never happens here! Angels to you.

  14. I need to go where you go to find things, that is some awesome finds! Thank you for linking up at Pin worthy Wednesday!

    Emily- Our house now a home

  15. Great treasures! I especially love that little green frog who found your wreath - he's so cute.
    Thanks for linking up to Show Me Saturday. Hope to see you there again this week!

  16. Such cute ideas! You have a great eye and those stores are making me sad I dont live closer so I can visit them! AHH amazing stuff! I would love you to come link up at my party :) have a wonderful day

  17. I always love seeing what you've been up to Christine! I love your pile of new stash (can't call this stuff junk!) and the shop tours were just fun, fun, fun. Thank you for bringing your post to Wake Up Wednesday!

  18. What fabulous treasures!! I can't stop myself from going to those sales but my excuse for buying is to put them in my shop! ( I do keep half the stuff I get sometimes!) I love the way you repurposed them too!

  19. You are so clever! I love the chicken wire earring organizer. It looks like a piece of art. It was very nice of the little green frog to pose in your photo shoot.

  20. Great finds!! And what adorable little places to shop, too! Thanks for linking up with us as Motivational Monday! Hope to see you next week! :)

  21. So cute! LOVE all your finds!
    Thanks for linking up with WYWW!

  22. Is that a galvanized bucket with a seat cushion? Cute! Great finds. Those look like very fun shops.

  23. Awesome finds Christine!! Wow! I love the galvanized tub :) Would love to invite you to share your beautiful decor at our link up parties please :)
    Kendra @

  24. How pretty--a true feast for the eyes! Thanks for linking up at the Pretty Preppy Party!

  25. LOVE all of your "junk"!!!! so cute. Thanks for linking up to What You Wish Wednesday.

  26. Looks like you had a fun time junking Christine. I have a chicken wire frame in my closet for jewelry and love it also. Yours is a little larger, which is nice! Fun seeing the shops. I too love the washtubs hanging from the chain! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  27. This wonderful post is being featured on my blog today as part of "Tuesdays with a Twist" blog hop -
    thanks so much!

  28. Hi Christine! Love the finds~ I really like the pic of the ladder and vine- why didn't I think of that! This post is a Friday Favorites feature over at - Party goes live Thursday night. I would love a social media shoutout as we grow this party! Thanks for linking up and hope to see you again! laura

  29. Love your pictures! So many great finds! -Amy

  30. Isn't it exciting to find some unique and interesting things? Love how you added the finds throughout your house!

    Jamie | anderson + grant


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