Sunday, September 14, 2014

Enjoying The Last Bit Of Summer Around The House

Hello and Happy Sunday Friends, it's been a busy week for me still playing
 "catch up" after being in Europe for an entire month. The weather has been
absolutely wonderful in Washington State since we got back.
Cool nights and beautiful sunny days.

Today I took some pics from around the house. We are enjoying every
second of this beautiful weather while we still can.....

Front Porch, soon I will decorate for fall out here...

Lovin the Heather Plant

And onto the back porch...

I enjoyed watching "Willie" our tortoise cruising around 
the back deck this morning. 
Soon he will have to come inside again for the winter months.
Bugsy was chillin out there too
ooops my flowers are all dead here lol....
I took this picture of Bugsy this morning....
he kills me with cuteness
And here are some more cuties enjoying the summer-like weather while it lasts....The little boy on the ladder is ours and the other 2 cuties are his partners in crime and

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you are all 
enjoying lots of sunshine as well!!!!
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