Sunday, June 1, 2014

Outdoor Serving Station

Hello Peeps, first off I am so excited to show you all my new blog design. Yes, Little Brags needed a Face-Lift and Rebekah Louise Designs came to the rescue. If you have a blog and need some help, I highly recommend her (very reasonable too)!!!! 

So today I played on our back patio. Remember my Potting Bench  I got lost summer? Well this year I decided to turn it into a Beverage Serving Station. I've been seeing so many awesome ideas in Blogland lately. So here is my version...

I spray painted an old frame white 
and added a fake boxwood wreath for the wall
I found the adorable Bunny Art at a Spring 
Bazaar, and you all know how much 
we love Bunnies around here ... lol
If you are new to my blog, don't forget 
to check out our pet bunny Bugsy . 
Serious Eye Candy Ladies...

Some close-ups
napkins, straws and outdoor wine glasses 
are from World Market

uhhh and I also got these 3 paper lanterns 
at World Market today 

they add some more fun to the patio! 
To see how I decorated the potting 
table last year, click below
Potting Bench

As always, thanks to each one of you for 
stopping by! 
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