Sunday, September 22, 2013

Decorating with Boxwood

Hello and Happy Sunday to all of you, I had originally planned to do some Fall decorating this weekend, but things got busy and I didn't....well, what else is new? LOL... instead I will share some pictures on how I have boxwood accents all through-out my house. Fall will have to wait another week!
I just love BOXWOOD, fake or real....inside or let's get the Boxwood Tour started!
 Here is my little candle chandelier above our kitchen nook. I just put some little fake boxwood balls in between the candles.

and on the kitchen table, another little boxwood ball hiding in the cheese dome.
And you might remember my little old bucket with the giant boxwood ball in the kitchen?
Off to the Master Bedroom, here is a little Boxwood heart hanging from the TV Armoire.
Next stop, my office upstairs....I hung some fake boxwood from twine in the window (Stole this idea from Holly at Down To Earth )
Next stop, Family is a boxwood wreath on the side table, sitting pretty in a basket with a candle.
and another little boxwood ball on the other side table
I even stuffed some fake boxwood garland in these lanterns in my Entry way...adds some color!
Off to the Guest Bedroom is yet another little Boxwood heart, dressing up the shabby old door.
And  back to the Entry Way, I just recently changed out my four little Ivy wreaths for these cute boxwood ones....
I actually stuffed some string lights into this boxwood ball, why not?
Well, that's about all the boxwood lovin for today peeps, but before I go I wanted to share some cuteness from this morning....Remember my post about the New Grain Sack ??? Well, it seems that the sack is "Bunny Approved" now. Bugsy kept chillin next to it, looking all cute!
 Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you found a little inspiration here today.
I love to hear from you all!

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