Sunday, August 25, 2013

Adding Some Detail To Frames and Another Cute Planter Idea

 Hello Lovely's, today I want to show you how I dressed up 2 frames in our little boy's bathroom.

  This  Saturday I discovered HOBBY LOBBY for the first time never had one in this area of Western WA until earlier this year. What can I say? It was OVERWHELMING....

 I found these cute little knobs covered in burlap and hung the pictures from twine on them verses boring nails.
I also found this cute little copper "R", perfect for my little Robbie's Baby Bath pictures.
 A little rustic star was added on picture #2

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER
I love the burlap on the knobs, goes perfect with my little "burlappy" (is that even a word)? trashcan and shower curtain.
Before I go, I wanted to share another cool new find with you. I turned this old copper broiler into a planter for the front yard. Do you like cute planter ideas? Check out my previous post for some inspiration Cute Planter Ideas
It goes beautiful with my  Iron Heart on the gate. 
That's all I got for this week guys.....Thanks for all the sweet comments and well wishes for our Brucie!!! He is doing better this week due to some more meds we added!!!

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