Sunday, August 18, 2013

Adding Burlap To My Lamp Shades & Some More Little Bits

Hello Peeps, I made a little change to my lamp shades in the Family Room yesterday. I tied some burlap ribbon around the white shades and voila....a nice little refreshing change....

I previously had some different "burlappy" ribbon with red stripes glued onto the shades but somehow I got tired of it really fast. Probably because both the sofa pillows and the lamp shades had the same accent  fabric and it was a bit too boring....Here is a BEFORE AND AFTER
Also I wanted to show you my new rustic candle holders for my formal Dining Room I purchased while on vacation in Arizona this summer.
I have been thinking about giving my Dining Room a new look. I really want to brighten things up. Here is a picture of it (I have never been able to take a good picture of this room, the lighting is tough).
 I would like to get rid of the terra cotta accents such as the rug and get a JUTE Rug (see inspiration pics below).
Also I would like to cover my dark green Dining Room chairs in a French Grain-sack fabric such as this beauty from Vignette Design
What do you guys think??? I am sure it would be tough and spendy to get custom chair covers made?
On another note, I have been worried about our 11 year old Newfoundland Bruce. He has arthritis and last week he took a turn for the worse. He is hardly moving around anymore and often-times I actually have to slide him on a rug to the sliding glass door so he can go outside.
 He is the best big Teddy Bear ever...what a love!!! We got him on some different meds now and I hope he feels better soon. Well, that's it for today. I LOVE to hear from you and I read each comment!

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