Thursday, August 25, 2022

Current Crush "ROOM DIVIDERS"

Hi friends, are you crushin on room dividers as much as I am? 

Well, I have been on the lookout for one for quite a while. 
I wanted a carved wood room divider that is Moroccan or Indian Style. 
The ones I saw and liked "on-line" were a bit spendy 
(Hundreds or even over a thousand dollars) and I was trying to 
avoid paying that much. So, I set my "search alerts" on both 
FB Marketplace and Offer Up for one. Well, this year I got 
lucky and found not only ONE but TWO room 
dividers that I love and for a third of the price.  

Let me show you what I did with them....

Room Divider #1 is sitting behind our Sofa in the formal living room. 
The ceilings are 20 ft high here, so I felt that the wall needed something extra 
special that would make an impact. I also added a fun boho style basket wall
to help break up all that empty space on those huge ceilings.

I recently painted this space and I love how this room turned out. It's amazing what 
a difference a new color of paint makes. The walls were a yellowish beige
which was the "NEUTRAL GO TO COLOR" 15 years ago. The new paint is called
"Amazing Gray" by Sherwin Williams. 
I have been meaning to write a blog post with BEFORE and AFTER pictures about 
the new paint, but we've had a really busy summer. In fact, we just got back from Europe
last week so that post must wait a little longer.
We also got a new sofa from Macy's for this space, so now we are actually using 
this room for once. I really don't like having both a living and a family room, seems like 
a waste of space plus one needs 2 sets of furniture. 

Once we got the new couch, I was so excited to get this Tribal Carved Coffee Table 
from World Market which I have been eying for a while. 
LOVE the carved mango wood !!!!

So let's move on to Room Divider Find #2 
Here we are upstairs in our master bedroom and this beauty is
serving as a headboard. 

I love not having a boring ole headboard anymore. This room divider is unique
and adds so much character, don't you think? 

Note: for a KING sized bed, make sure you 
get a 4 panel room divider.

are from IKEA 

Let me take you outside, I have one more room divider to show you. 

This one is not a new find, I also found it USED on OFFER UP a couple of years back. 
I use it in a corner on the back patio as kind of a backdrop. I do move it into the garage
 during the winter month though.

I hope I rubbed off some "Room Divider Lovin" on you today and as always "thank you" for visiting me. 

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  1. I have had a room divider behind my couch for years. Never thought of putting lights on it. Looks beautiful.

  2. I love them all! I have a room divider that I got at a yard sale years ago. It was my headboard too in my old house but I haven't quite figured out a space for it in the new place yet. But I will!!

    1. I know, I remember it in front of the window. In fact I was going to do a post with tons of room divider inspiration I saved over the years on Pinterest and yours is in there as well !!!!! Thank ya friend for stopping by , I don't blog too often anymore.


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