Thursday, November 4, 2021

Our Backyard Patio Looking Super Cozy For Fall

Come & take a little peek...

I've been meaning to spend more time outside (weather permitting)
this fall season. So I wanted to create a cozy place to sit by the 
fire pit in the corner of the patio. 

I think I can check that off my list....DONE and I luv it! 

I love love love this rusty old candelabra (I actually stole from my friend
and I'm not planning on returning it until she threatens me with legal It even has a little tray going around it big enough for little 
flower pots. So I added some ivy, a little heather plant and fresh moss. 

I found this round galvanized tray this summer at one of my favorite local stores Little Hill Farm.
It's the perfect touch and adds some color to the patio table until summer time and the
umbrella goes back in the middle. 

Moroccan Lanterns, need I say more?  
These little ones are  perfect hanging from the driftwood in the corner.

As you can see I luv me some old rubbish !!!! 
A chipped off vintage window, a rusty firepit, an old crate and a rusty old candelabra. 

Here we are at twilight was soooo cozy that night, looking at the firepit and candlelight.

Well, I hope you liked this little corner of  our back yard patio. 
You don't need a huge space to create a little oasis. 

I hope to start blogging a bit more again, but remember you can find 
me on INSTAGRAM where I am much more active. It's just sooo much quicker 
to post, however there is something to be said about a 
good old fashioned blog post, right?




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