Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas Snap Shots Around The House

Merry Merry Christmas everyone! I know by the time this post goes live 
it will be too late to wish you a Merry Christmas but technically as I am typing this 
post late Tuesday night (on Christmas Day) it still counts!!!

I was running really late decorating, gift-wrapping, cooking, etc this year, so this post 
is also might all be totally done looking at Christmas Decor pictures by now, 
but heyyyy it's still winter, right?

Here is a little corner in the kitchen nook, I love this vintage crate with a demijohn I found
a few years ago. Looks amazing with string lights for all seasons.

Here is a little jar full of "Christmas Nature" sitting on the kitchen counter.

I filled the jar with fresh moss, driftwood, pine cones, cranberries, nuts and forest greens. 
Great idea for DIY gifts as well!

Here is a peek into the dining room.

I wanted to keep it simple & neutral "ala Scandi Style".

I have a real love affair with crates, there are a million ways to use them in all shapes and 
sizes. This crate is actually not real vintage but a HOMEGOODS find. 

This gorgeous MACRAME beaded candle holder is from World Market. I hung it from a 
piece of driftwood with some twine and added some Christmas greens.

 Here is a little corner of the family room. I added some fresh cedar branches in the corner since I had no fake garland on hand for the mantle. I've used a fresh garland on the mantle before but since we got the fireplace going non-stop in the winter, it get's bone-dry within a couple of days. 

Another corner of the family room. IKEA stars and icicle lights baby!!!!!!!!

I love this wooden bowl I found at World Market a while back. I filled it with fresh moss and greens.

Here is our entry, my favorite is the rice basket hanging on the wall filled with cedar branches.

 Our tree is super big this year, 10 feet tall and still the pictures don't capture it's size. The walls are super tall in the living room so that must be why.

The SCHRANK you see here is a family piece I brought over from Germany when I moved to the USA. The style is considered FRENCH BARROCK which is not my thing at all, but over the years I made
 peace with it and it does hold a ton of stuff.

Here is our magical hallway decked out with icicle lights hanging from COMMAND STRIPS 
off the ceiling. 

Ohhh and I have to share this cute pic of our TEDDY wanting to help decorate this year. He actually looks like part of the decor sitting up there like a statue.

And have you checked out our Christmas porch yet? If not click below
 for some outdoor Winter Inspiration:
Christmas Front Porch SCANDI BOHO STYLE

Thanks so much for visiting. MUAHHHHHH 
and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  2. Bonitas imagens e inspirações. Feliz semana.

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