Wednesday, July 13, 2016

DECOR Inspiration from Holland

Hello friends, today I want to share some major eye candy with ya bestest friend MICHI who lives in beautiful Bavaria/Germany recently took a trip to the Netherlands to go on a shopping spree.
She and I seem to have the same taste especially when concerning Decor. I had ask her to
take some pictures for me if she saw something really cool, and so she did.......
Let me just tell you my jar hit the floor when she send me these pictures...
Ohhhh the envy....LOL
Oh what torture to see all these gorgeous finds and not being able to be there with her and shop!!!!!!
I love the style in the stores she visited, it's this weird combo of Nordic meets Moroccan if that makes sense!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!
I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did, I found amazing inspiration here and I can't
wait to go back to the Netherlands next time we are in Europe, Trouble is, I don't think you can
rent a U-haul and attach it to the air plane going home...hmmmmm that is a problem!

Well enough chatter, I hope you will enjoy the inspiration
as much as I did! 

ohhh Bajot tables, why do you torture me so???

And for some giggles, 
here is a picture of her car on the 
way back to Germany....LOL

Nuff said...

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  1. What fabulous treasures - love the soothing color palette an mix of natural textures!

  2. Oh Christine what a fabulous place. I see so much I would have been taking home too. Your sweet friend found a great place to shop. I am jealous I could not be with her too.

  3. Liebe Christine,
    ahhhhhh....was für eine Inspiration...von diesem Laden habe ich schön öfters gehört und auch Bilder gesehen...ich will da jetzt unbedingt einem leeren großen Auto und einem dicken Geldbeutel. Diese Holländer haben einfach Geschmack, was Deko betrifft. Diese Teppiche!!! und Körbe!!! ich werd schwach! Ob ich das überlebe, wenn ich dann wirklich mal dort bin? Vielleicht bekomme ich dann einen Deko-kann-nicht-alles-mit-Schock! Lustig ist ja, dass die Bilder von Jill & Co. jetzt erst zu dir über den großen Teich geschickt wurden, damit ich sie hier in Deutschland anschauen kann ;-) Vielen Dank fürs Zeigen...ich scrolle jetzt gleich nochmals rauf und runter...

    Liebe Grüße

  4. What a fabulous shop! Wish I could shop there.

  5. Wow! I LOVE everything I saw there! I want to go too!


  6. OMG, what a feast for the eyes and soul. So relaxing, and the light fixtures---wonderful selection. Thanks so much for posting and sharing all those delicious treasures, Sandi

  7. What great shopping trip! Thanks for taking us along!

  8. I could go crazy in that shop!

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. wow I love all the rustic pieces!

  10. Oh my what what wonderful finds, lol on the U-haul.
    Thank you for sharing an amazing trip with the #OMHGFF readers this week!
    Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

  11. WOW what a beautiful shop, with all of those beautiful home ware goodies! Wish I was able to visit and I'm sure my car would end up the same LOL! Thank you for sharing over at Waste Not Wednesday this week and look forward to seeing what you share with us this week :-)

  12. The blogger you are trying to reach is currently on a plane to Germany with every credit card in hand. She will be unable to blog or leave you a sweet compliment saying thank you for showing her this because she is headed to these stores immediately. Beeeeeeeeep.

    This is me, scrolling back up to look again for more torture! Please tell me these shops sell online?


  13. Nuff said indeed. We could easily spend hours looking at all those pictures. So much eye candy, if only we had more money or more time to make them ourselves. I love all of the concrete pieces. And the bead chandelier was stunning. Pinning and sharing.

  14. Oh wow!So funny you found a bunny hutch and the car! Lol Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.

  15. Always great to see you miss! Thanks for sharing at Peace, Love, Linkup! Hope to see you tomorrow! : )

  16. That was soooo interesting. I had a good look at all those photos and what struck me is how they are moving away from the distressed-white-chippy-paint-shabby-chic look and moving towards more of a sophisticated industrial look with lots of tin and grey paint. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  17. I would go crazy in those stores! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday. :)


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