Thursday, May 26, 2016

Project Challenge: Old Gears Or Pulleys

"Old Gears or Pulleys" are this month's choice for our challenge 
and I am soooo excited, because I happened to have an old pulley at home already. 

I found the pulley last year at an Antique store and 
have been meaning to do something 
fun with it. 

We have this trellis along the walkway in 
front of the house, the perfect spot 
to hang something from.

I've been hesitant to grow climbing vines or other 
plants from the trellis, because I am afraid it 
might damage the wood in the long run, but the 
trellis needed a little "dressing up".

I think this little "DIY chandelier" is a lot more fun 
and interesting than a hanging flower basket would be.

The candles are the battery operated ones, 
I even have a remote to turn them on and off, 
plus they won't melt in the sun (not sure how 
they will do in the rain

So here is how I made it:

I actually had all the supplies at home already. The vintage pulley 
was an Antique store find and so was the wire basket. I also had 
some battery operated candles at home, you can find those 
reasonably priced, at places like Home Goods, Marshall's or
TJ Max. I also needed rope, twine and Moss (fake or real).

I secured the rope onto the basket by tying knots 
on the handles of the basket and used the twine to secure 
the knots better, since they were a bit loose due to
the thickness of the rope. 

I used clear plastic bags to cover the bottom  
of the basket.

I placed the candles in the basket and 
added some fake moss.

I simply tied the pulley to the trellis with the rope.
How do you guys like it? I am so happy to be part 
of this monthly challenge because it forces me 
to create something unique and special each month!!!!
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