Friday, November 6, 2015

Random Snapshots Of Our Cuties

Hello Loves, I hope you all had a spooky Halloweenie!!!!! Hard to believe Thanksgiving is almost here, not to mention Christmas is around the corner. This week I have a special treat for you all, no decor projects for a change, only some recent pictures of our cuties around here.

First off is our Bugsy, having a treat (if you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen some of these  pictures).

Here is the little trouble maker again, wrecking my 
beautiful heather plant with his big fuzzy butt. You 
may remember these trashcan planters from a recent post.

Nothing is safe from this little guy, he even steals my water. 
If you look close you can actually see a water drop 
on his cheek to the 

Here he is with his favorite toy, his tribble girlfriend. 
Half the time we can't even tell them apart!

For those of you not familiar with tribbles, it's a cute 
& furry Star Trek creature. My husband got it 
for me a while back, however, Bugsy claimed it 
right away. It seems to be just his type
(uhhh... yeah.... you get my drift).

Here is our non-furry cutie "Robbie" making clay creatures while Bugsy is supervising from his castle.

Yes, that's right....he has a cardboard bunny 
play castle which he loves. 
Clearly, our Bugsy has a rough life.

here is me for a change, taking a shameless selfie 
with our handsome hare

And since I just mentioned a "HARE", it's only fair 
to share our "Tortoise" Willie with you as well.

Back to this little cutie, carving his pumpkin on Halloween 

Isn't this the cutest Terminator you've ever seen?? 
I'm gonna have to call him Arnold from now on.

I hope your Halloween was fun & safe

That's all I got for you today. I hope our cuties made you giggle!

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  1. Aww, y our Bugsey is so cute. I can't believe he has his own castle. Y ou have one full house there. Any your little guy is very handsome in his "Arnold " costume.

  2. You have the cutest family ever!!! Maybe he loves the tribble so much BECAUSE it looks like him :)

  3. Liebe Christine,
    ich habe selten so über einen Post gelacht...besonders über Bugsy, er ist der Knaller!!! Unglaublich, ihr habt ein richtiges Tribble aus dem Raumschiff Enterprise?! Aber auch Arnie, der Terminator ist gut getroffen, Kompliment!!! Ich glaube, der harmloseste Zeitgenosse in eurem Haus ist eindeutig Willie. Nett, euch näher kennengelernt zu haben...ich muss immer noch sooo lachen!!!

    Wünsche euch ein schönes Wochenende
    Grüsse aus Germany

  4. You didn't mind Bugsy taking over your Dribble? Looks like you didn't have much choice, he really digs her/it? How cute and adorable is he, those big puffy cheeks. Does he potty on floor when he comes in? That's pretty snazzy bunny with his own castle. Looks like he thinks he's a person, not a bunny. That's one big tortoise, Willie is very handsome. Kinda nice having animals for family isn't it? They don't give you any guff.
    Your son is one cutie, watch out Mom he's getting to age the girls will be after him like crazy, such a handsome young man. How old is he? They grow up so quickly don't they? Too quickly, is hard for me to believe how old my kids are already and grand kids. Enjoy him while you can and your other family. We have dog/cat and 5 chickens. If I Had my way I'd adopt every stray dog/cat that needs a home, good thing we can't afford it. We only have 1/2 acre. Have wonderful weekend

    1. Oh Hello again, I am always so happy to read your comments, but can never reply to them since you come up as a non reply blogger, so I am not sure if you even get my replies!!!! Well our bunny is potty trained like a cat and uses the litter box, so no worries in the house. Our Robbie turned 10 this summer!!! BIG BOY!!!

  5. Love all your cuties Christine. Adorable all three. Love that bugsy too cute.

  6. Aaaawh! I am smiling what sweet pictures. That bunny is the sweetest and he looks super cute with your pretty face in the selfie.

  7. Awwww.........I loved seeing those cute pics of Bugsy. The "tribble" does seem to be the perfect companion for him huh? Ha Ha. I'm glad you explained what that was. I wouldn't have known that. Your son, Robbie is so handsome! You better watch out when he's in highschool!

  8. Hi, Christine, We used to have a bunny. They do their business in one place so we could let me loose in the house for a while and we knew what corner he used. :) anyway, thanks for the pics. What a beautiful (handsome) boy. Reminds me of when my sons were little.

  9. Awww so cute! We have two bunnies, they are just living the life, like your bugsy. We have them outside, here in the South of Spain it really doesn't get cold during the winter and they can run around freely. I love the castle your bunny has, that's an amazing idea!

  10. Awe Bugsy is so cute! I use to have a bunny years ago, but someone left the gate open and he hopped away )-; would love to have another. Thanks for sharing a little on Bugsy.

  11. LOL this was hysterical...I bust out laughing at the Tribble. Your handsome son looks as if he had a great Halloween both being the terminator and terminating the pumpkin! :)

  12. Your bunny and tortoise pets are just awesome! I had no idea a bunny would behave so much like a dog. That's what Bugsy looks like to me sleeping around and of course, hugging on the Tribble.

    You and your son need to read Ferret in the Bedroom, Lizards in the Fridge by Bill Wallace. The main character is a girl about the age of your son but as you can guess, they have unusual pets in their home. When I taught 4th and 5th grade, we always read this book and I read it to my own sons. It's funny. :)

  13. Your Bugsy and Robbie are both so cute. Found the little bunny's photo on Home Stories A to Z party. My god, he is so cute. I had two rabbits when I was very young. They were so adorable. I wish I was grown-up enough to feature them in something as adorable as this Bugsy meet and greet.

  14. Bugsy is absolutely ADORABLE as usual! Super cute to see that he has a 'friend' to play with! Also-Robbie's costume rocked!

  15. OMG. I am in love! My daughter has been begging me to get a rabbit since she saw one in the backyard, and now I'm seriously considering it. Too cute!!

  16. Enjoyed the post and meeting Bugsy! Looks like Halloween was a lot of fun too! Have a great week and thank you for sharing with us at Brag About It!

  17. Oh my. We lost our one and only bunny this year (14 years old!) and this makes me think how wonderful it is to have a bunny in the house! So glad I saw you on Wonderful Wednesday!

  18. So cute! I love seeing other people's animals since I can't have my own at my apartment. Have fun with your animals!

  19. Oh my goodness, I have missed seeing that little guy, I tipped over my fingers to see what he was u pto. Had to show him to my husband and share a bit about him. He thought he was "cute too"! Would love to have you stop by and share on my Weekly Friday Features Party.
    Hope you have a great week!

  20. Your bunny is adorable. I looooove bunnies! ☺ And I love you have a new follower on bloglovin'

    The Blue Birdhouse - DIY Blog

  21. Christine, your little critters are so cute. Bugsy just makes me smile!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. Christine, I'm grinning from ear to ear...gorgeous post! Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou. Love, Mimi xxx

  23. Bugsy is super cute Christine! I can't believe he has his own castle:). Your son looks like he had a great Halloween too. Have a great rest of your week and take care, Tara

  24. Your son's costume is great and I love your bunny! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  25. Christine your son is adorable! Looks like he had a fun Halloween. Of course I was rolling at Bugsy and his girlfriend! I swear I need a bunny.

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