Friday, September 25, 2015

Project Challenge: RUSTY ITEM

Ohhhh, I have something to be excited about!!!! I have been ask by a group of
awesome bloggers to participate in a monthly DIY challenge. Each month
we will have a different project to come up with. This month the challenge
is RUSTY ITEMS !!!! So without further chatter, welcome to
the September Project Challenge where 7 DIYers are creating some
awesome stuff!!!!

Here is what I came up with..... I love rusty cans and I love lanterns,
sooooo why not combine them???

As you can see, I had fun displaying them for the photos

Nature is always the best thing to decorate with,
heather is soo gorgeous this time of year!

Instead of candles I used little battery operated 
string lights, they put out more light in the dark than a 
single candle would

Here they are in the dark...LUV EM  

I already had these rusty cans in the garage from years ago, 
but I dug them up for this post and decorated them 
with a bit of twine & little hearts

OK so here is a quick "HOW TO" on the

Fill cans with water and put them in the freezer 
(I added ice cubes so they would freeze faster)

Once the water is frozen solid, cut a piece of paper to fit onto the height of the can. 
Draw a design of our choice on the paper, then use a sharpie and mark little dots on 
the outlines to use as a marking for the holes you will be hammering. Wrap the paper 
around the can, securing with either tape in the back or use a rubber band.

Use a large nail and hammer into the marked dots, the ice will prevent the can from getting swooshed while you hammer away! Don't forget to poke holes along the 
sides of the can if you want to add handles.

For a great RUSTY effect, I used 2 spray paints. 

For the first coat use a terra cotta color, 
mine is an ACE Hardware brand, but any brand will do  

After the first coat dries, spray lightly with RUST-OLEUM MULTI-COLOR,
you want the first color to look through a bit for the rusty effect

I painted my hearts "white" to make them stand out more

To add the rope handles I pulled some twine through the holes on 
the sides and tied the thicker rope handles onto them. 
I also used a dab of hot glue, so they stay up.

 I hope you enjoyed this little project, now check out
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