Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Few New Goodies And Some Progress In The Dining Room

Hello Sweeties near and far away, I wanted to share a few new goodies with you today. 
I worked a tiny bit on our formal dining room Friday night. I am such a slacker.....
it's been month and it's still not all finished and pulled together.

So last week I went to Cost Plus World Market and found these super gorgeous
Distressed Metal Filigree Lucy Lanterns . 
I put them on the window sill in the dining room

They look so pretty at night with the candles burning, and the rope handles on them 
compliment the rope tied around my curtains. 

Something else that's new is this large Demi John bottle that I found at Home Goods 
earlier this summer. I simply put some battery operated string lights in there and VOILA!!

It is currently sitting next to the buffet table in the dining room. 

I had gotten these VIRSERUM picture frames some time back at IKEA. I finally hung 
them up on the empty wall but still need to get some large prints made to fill them.  
The large round baskets in the middle are from Targets "Threshold Collection"
I don't think they carry them anymore though. Bummer I want more!!!  

Ok, so here is a picture of the dining room in the dark, do you notice the shade 
pattern on the giant wall??? Those are coming from a super cute lantern-light 
from directly across the room. 

Here is the guilty lantern sitting up in the window nook in the living room. 
It looks sooo gorgeous at night making all these patterns on the walls. 
The above picture really does not capture it. 

It's a Punched Metal Baroque Cylinder Lamp and is another great find 
from Cost Plus World Market.

Well, that's all I got for today's post. Still not all done but 
"Slow And Steady Wins The Race" right???? 

Our Willie would certainly agree, here he is earlier this summer, I found him in a 
corner on the deck behind some pillows with a little froggy friend....LOL

And not to leave out Bugsy, this is how he is enjoying the summer months....
staying cool in his little hiding spot in the barrel!!!! 

As always, thanks a million for visiting me!!!!!

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