Sunday, June 21, 2015

Some Garden Stuff and Decorating The Back Of The House

Hello Sweeties, I hope you all have been enjoying the beginning of summer so far. 
I have been playing in the back yard a bit this weekend. 

Here is my potting bench. Last summer we used it as a 
serving station. I might have to do that again this year. 

And here is Willie stuck again....seriously I don't know how these guys make it in the wild.....
Sometimes he gets stuck somewhere and instead of just shifting into rear gear, 
he will try for an hour to go forward...DUHHHH

What I really worked on a bit is the back of our house...It's all shade back there and I haven't figured out what to plant there yet, So for now I just placed a long rustic bench there to make it not seem so naked. 

Meanwhile guard bunny was watching !!!! 

That's all loves, I hope you had a wonderful Fathers Day!!!! MUAHHHH
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