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A Guest Post on Decorating Tips

Hello everyone, the other week I got an email from the lovely Grace about 
writing a blog post for my sweet readers on Little Brags. Grace is a writer and is 
hoping to get some extra exposure by guest posting here today. Since I am 
NOT a writer, and always keep my posts very short in verbiage I figure it's a 
good opportunity to have some real professional decorating advice
 on my blog for once...LOL

Greetings to the world! Let me step up and introduce myself, I am Grace White and I do blog assistance here. If you would like to speak to me about anything, you can find me on Facebook. I am so happy to be on Little Brags today. Thanks to Christine.
Thoughts on Creating a Luxurious Living Room
The living room tends to be the most public part of the home, being the place where visitors are entertained. As such, we want our living rooms to be fabulous: obviously neat and tidy, but also exquisitely decorated and perfectly appointed! Achieving this, in today’s busy world, is harder than it seems, but the following tips will help you to give your living room a luxurious make-over that will look great without breaking the bank!

Upgrade the Sofa!
A lounge suite is a must for any living room, but you do not have to buy it as a set. Mix and match chairs and sofas from different sets to create a unique and distinctive look for your living room. This beautiful sofa is the perfect size: not too big for modern living rooms, and not so small that it becomes uncomfortable – and it looks great: clean, fresh and welcoming!

Window Dressings for a luxurious living room
The curtains in any room can affect the way the décor works: good quality, floor length curtains add an indefinable air of luxury, while ill-fitting curtains that are creased and made from poorer fabric can detract from the room, even if the rest of the décor is impeccable!

Ornaments (mirrors etc)
Ornaments are funny things: absolutely useless from a practical point of view, but vital when it comes to completing or polishing the décor of a room. Choose a few pieces that harmonise well with your chosen décor scheme: any more than that can make the room look cluttered and fussy, as well as making more work for you when it comes to dusting! Place your chosen pieces around the room, siting each one with care and attention to the overall look of the room and see how you have added charm and glamour to the room! Wall mirrors are even better and I was dazzled with mirrors from Cookes Furniture and would recommend them to anyone who wants to re-do their living room.

Artwork for a good aesthetic effect
The walls should be clean, beautifully painted or papered and forming a wonderful backdrop against which you can display some gorgeous pictures or paintings! One or two paintings of beautiful scenes, a couple of exquisitely framed family photographs and perhaps a comic touch of whimsy in a distant corner will make all the difference between a room and an inviting, homely room! Ready to hang artworks can be shopped from Easy Art.
 Signature Piece
Try and source a single piece of furniture, ornament or painting that commands the attention of everyone who comes into the room. This pieces can contrast strongly with the rest of the room, or it can harmonise and emphasise the décor: either way, it must draw the eye and attract immediate comment from all who enter the living room. In this way, you are centring your décor upon and around this piece, providing a good focal point for the décor. A signature piece can be an original painting, a large and ornate chair or even a distinctive and unusual carpet on the floor!

Work through your living room slowly and carefully, noting the pleasing aspects and the less pleasing features with equal attention. Once you have a list in hand, sit down and try to decide how best to gloss over the negatives and boost the impact of the positives: it is almost certain that the list featured above will help you there!

I hope you liked Grace's tips, I know I did. 
Thanks for visiting!!!!!

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  1. thanks for sharing the tips--I like all the color!

  2. Thank you for the tips;)
    Vielen dank Christine, ich mag meinen Tisch auch sehr gerne, und ich wollte schon immer mal in die USA!
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