Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hiding A Thermomstat In Plain Sight

Hello Lovelies, today I want to share a wall in our house that I have been hating for a long time. It is a narrow wall right next to our Family room. There is a Thermostat right smack in the middle of it, so I never really knew what to do with it. So I just left it naked for 5 years....LOL
But after getting into the beautiful "Land Of Blogging" and seeing all those beautiful Gallery Walls everyone seems to be doing these days, I went through my house and found a bunch of homeless junk I had stuffed away in a closet.

I ended up HIDING the Thermostat in plain sight by putting an empty frame around it. There is enough interest going on on the wall, and it does not stick out like an eye sore anymore.
The number 3 stands for "Three in our Family"
 There are still a couple of gaps that could be filled with more treasures, I will be on the look-out!
But for now I think it's a big improvement
What do you guys think? 
I love to hear from you!!!!