Sunday, November 17, 2013

Canvas Print to Chalk Board

Hello Friends,
I am working on getting some of the Mediterranean accents out of our Dining and Living room.

I had this very large canvas with an Italian landscape print that I have been  really sick of for a while now...but I loved the shape of the canvas and it really looked great on top of my giant Schrank.
So it hit me the other day...Cover it with CHALK PAINT!!!!!
I know, I know...just what the world needs...another chalk
Goodbye comes the black paint....
 I made sure to prime the board with chalk after it dried
 I used a stencil for the design (forgot to take a picture of that part, sorry....)
The Schrank is such an elegant piece (the only elegant piece of furniture in the entire house) and the chalk board has quite the opposite look , but I think that's why it works??? What do you guys think? I love to hear from you all! Thanks so much for keeping up with my "Little Brags".

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