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I am still on vacation -- Guest post from The Adventures of Marlo and Bill

Hello everyone, I am still on our summer vacation so I have been taking a break from blogging. I would love to share a guest post with you  today from my friend Mary of  The Adventures of Marlo and Bill . I just love her master bedroom make over and ask her to share with my readers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Hello, Little Brags readers!  I'm Mary (aka Marlo) from The Adventures of Marlo & Bill blog, and I am so thrilled and honored to be guest posting for the sweet and talented Christine today while she's having fun with her family vacationing.  I am a Medical Practice Administrator by day, and newbie blogger by night.  Over at my blog you will find posts about Bill and my adventures, recipes, and decorating.  I have recently started painting furniture and taking on some DIY projects, and am having so much fun. I also love, love, love to move things around and re-shop my house.  My latest project was a master bedroom makeover.  So, come on, grab a cup of coffee, and let's go take a peek at what I did in this room.

For those of you who follow our blog and have seen sneek peeks, know I've been working on this bedroom for a while trying to find the right decor, the right pieces for vignettes, and really trying to give this room a feel that reflects the things that Bill and I love.  This room has had many, many designs to it in the years I've lived in this home, and has changed numerous times since Bill and I have been married.  I just couldn't seem to find the "right decor" for this room, and part of that challenge is the layout of the room.  It's very small for a master bedroom, and the windows are in awkward places in the room, which really limits funiture placement.  I wanted to still incorporate our love for antiques and primitives in the room, but give it an updated look as well.  Now, I love that my hubby shares in my passion for antiques, and is very receptive to humoring me when I move things all around, and solicit his opinion, ad nauseum, as I am sure he would say - LOL, but he can be a bit opinionated when it comes to some decor so I wanted to ensure the things I selected for this room wouldn't be too frou-frou.  The joke between us and his famous line, when I'm trying to get him to come and check out something I've done is, "okay, do I need to get my ticket for the tour".  I love his humor, and more importantly, his interest in our home.  I have to give Bill a lot of credit for making this room come together, with his love and patience, most importantly, as I moved things around a gazillion times, my numerous shopping adventures for the "right find", his photography skills and hanging everything to meet this "perfectionist's" approval!
The view looking in to our room.  Sorry, but I don't crop out things in our room, as I want to show how we really live. So, ya' get to see our ceiling fan pulls in this one!

After much consideration, we both agreed we have an infinite love for birds.  They are so soothing to watch, we love to hear nothing more than just the sound of them chirping while all else is quiet, and our backyard has many colorful birdhouses that we thoroughly enjoy watching them build their nests in.  So, why not incorporate our love for this "serene" hobby in a room that should have that same feel, and what better way to do that was to "bring the outdoors in".  So, the fun began acquiring bird themed decor for this room.  Now, I know there are lots of ready made bird prints available for purchase, but what would be more special than to have bird pictures from our own backyard?  Well, that's exactly what we did.  Bill was tasked with photographing birds from our yard and the best time to do that was in the Spring when they were nesting.  Oh, and did he do a stellar job on this, and it was so hard to narrow down to just three, but that was all the space on the wall designated for these to be displayed.

A view of Bill's photography skills!

I love the look of the white distressed mirrors that are made from salvaged wood from local RVA homes along with the handmade birdhouses.  The Ironstone is also a complement to the dark wood.

How sweet are these bubble frames?

We really love this sweet little corner of the room as it's adorned with our favorite picture of our little Bella.  These plates were a super easy and inexpensive DIY project.  The plates are from Pier 1 and Bill affixed the vinyl letters to them for me.
Let me tell ya' there was a lot of pickin and shopping to find just the right piece for this wall.  I knew I wanted shutters, but they had to be just the right ones.  I really like the complement of these chippy green shutters with a simplistic touch of a burlap and linen wreath. 
Here's a close-up of the three bird pictures we framed.  We got such a chuckle out of this first one and Bill said he was "incognito" covering up himself with that grass he was taking in the house to make the nest for the sweet babies that would emerge later. My favorite bird from my home state of WV (and of my current home state of VA) is a cardinal, and Bill did such an amazing job of capturning this gorgeous male on our fence post.  How cute is this baby finch coming out of the birdhouse? We had so much fun watching the parents feed these babies and then to see them emerge and fly away was so bittersweet!  Is it Spring yet?
Bella said she hopes you enjoyed the tour of our little bedroom makeover!
Here's to sweet, serene night time dreams from our home to yours!

Resources for room makeover:

Ashley Sleigh Bed & Nightstand from Pottery Barn

Baluster lamp (handmade) from Twig & Lampshade from Target

Architectural Mirrors and Birdhouses (made by local artisan Dan Powell) from Twig

Shutters from Feathernesters Birds of a Feather Shows

Burlap Wreath/Linen Bow from (designed by artist-in-residence Mona Burk) Feathernesters Birds of a Feather Shows

Quilt, Shams and Throw Pillows from Country Curtains

Windsor Chair (Lawrence Crouse) from The Pine Cabinet

Braided Rugs (Homespice Decor) from The Pine Cabinet

I Love You to the Moon and Back Sign from Cheryl Westerpark @ My Primitive Boutique


  1. Awww.. what a sweet tour of your home. It seems we have a lot in common. I like to "shop" my home as I am always rearranging and arranging things in our home. I enjoy finding inexpensive and beautiful treasures to decorate our home in a warm and inviting comfy cozy casual way. It does take time to find those "perfect" pieces to help make our room ~ our home just right :) Thanks for sharing! and enjoy your vacation Christine. I was missing your post! Please come visit me..
    Simple Pleasures!

    1. Symanthia, thanks for the sweet comment...this post is actually a guest post from the adventures of marlo and bill. You can find the link in the post. I have been on vacation and had a couple of guest posts on my blog....Greetings

  2. The shutter and wreath are my favorite!


  3. love the wall arts you've chosen Christine, especially the one above the bed, one of my faves of all time! Glad to be introduced to your blog dear. :-)

    1. Hi Vel, thanks so much for visiting my little blog. thanks for the sweet comment, but I can't take credit for this bedroom. This is actually a guest post from my friend Mary. I have been on vacation and had a couple of guest posts on my blog.....Hope to see you come back to visit Little Brags..Christine


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