Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wrought Iron Staircase Dreaming and a Lantern

Hello Peeps, I have been thinking/dreaming about re-doing our staircase for a while now. Our stairway is the first thing you see when you enter. Here is a picture I took today

  My biggest complaint are the white wooden support railings. They actually come off all the time. We've had a Handy man come over more than once to fix it. Can you believe that they are installed with a staple gun????  Isn't that ridiculous? I also don't like the pine wood on a staircase, since it is a really soft wood and dents really easy in such a heavy traffic area.

I have been getting a lot of ideas on PINTERST and wanted to share some with you. Here is what I am dreaming about...WROUGHT IRON, I just love it!!!! I think it would be much more sturdy and it adds so much character and a bit of SPANISH STYLE!
stairs with tile
SOURCE: My Neighbor Jen's House
Also, I would love to rip out the carpet, paint the stairs and add a carpet runner or pads to keep from sliding.
Wish I Had That- Stairway Inspiration
Can't wait to hear your ideas and tips....
Also found another Lantern on Clearance at TJ Max the other day......It is huge and cost me only $32 Dollars. All it needed was a  little fixing around the top,  but I managed to hide the imperfections with just a tiny bit of grey paint. I added some Rattan ball string lights and voila....
Thanks for visiting me Sweets....Christine
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