Saturday, June 29, 2013

Decorating with a Grain Sack

A while back I found an old grain sack at my favorite store. I've been thinking about what to do with it for a while now. Well, I think I finally had a good idea.

I am using it in my foyer as a table runner
what do you think?
 I re-decorated the entry with stuff I had stuffed in my treasure closet. It's always like Christmas digging through the closet and finding things I haven't seen in years.
I stuffed some string lights into the boxwood ball
This Lantern is another cheap TJ Max find
 It needed a little fixing and I got it for a steal. Stuffed some grapevine ball string lights in it, cuz I just love twinkle lights....what can I say? They just hop into my shopping cart.

 Speaking of HOPPING, I also wanted to share our Bunnies "Summer Set-Up" because I wanted  to add some cuteness to this post.
 We just put a metal pet-fence around his hutch and leave his door open
 his favorite hang out spot is in the whiskey barrel
 That is it for this weekend Peeps....For those of you that are following me through email, I had technical problems and my 2 last posts have not been send to you. Here are the links, so you can catch up.

Last weekend I shared some cute Planter Ideas
And the week before that I shared this Potting Shed Make-Over

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