Monday, April 8, 2013

Guest Bedroom and Rusty Buckets

Hello Everyone, I've had a pretty busy weekend and really no time to post about anything worth BRAGGING I thought I'd just share some inspirations of how I decorate with old buckets around my house and a cool organizing idea for the Guest/Kids Bathroom. 

So here we go, first off an old flower bucket used as a trashcan. I just wrapped some burlap ribbon around it and it totally dressed it up.

 Plus the burlap looks great with my shower curtain which used to be window curtains from Worldmarket. My Mom made them into a shower curtain for me.
 While we are in our "little ones" bathroom I wanted to share a great organizing idea I saw on Pinterest sometime back. Want to get toothbrushes and toothpaste off the counter? Get a utensil tray and place them in the drawer. I just love that...why don't I ever think of this stuff? The counters stay so much cleaner and uncluttered.
 As promised, onto some more buckets throughout my house. This one is in our Playroom and home to some stuffed animals.
 Another flower bucket in our Master Bathroom with some fake greens.
 Same thing but bigger in our guest bedroom.
 Here is a tiny hanging bucket in Robbie's bedroom.
And onto the outside,  I love this old rusty half of a tub I have hanging on our fence. Looks so pretty dressed up with flowers.
 And another bucket on the back porch.
 You guys probably remember these tulips in a bucket from my Easter Front Porch post?
 A large flower bucket with Forsythias as a centerpiece on the dining room table for Spring
 And last but not least a cute little Easter Bucket.
 I  love rusty old galvanized things. For more ideas on how to decorate with old buckets and tubs visit my Pinterest Board by clicking on this link  Pinterest/Buckets and Tubs

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Have a wonderful week Sweets....Christine