Wednesday, April 3, 2013

German Mole Cake / Maulwurf Kuchen

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. It was gorgeous here in Olympia. Today I am sharing something other than Décor for the first time. DESSERT...yup....a German Mole Cake. It looks like a mole dirt pile!
I will start out by typing the recipe and add some pictures of the process after that. No worries, it's actually quite simple

Total Time: 1 hour
Prep Time: 30 minutes

Ingredients for cake mixture:
2 3/4 cups white all purpose flour
3/4 cups white sugar
1 1/2 sticks (3/4 cup) of unsalted butter
4 teaspoons of  baking powder
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
3 eggs
4 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa
1 cup of whole milk

Ingredients for filling:
3 1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream
1 cup of small sized chocolate chips
1/2 cups Banana Liquor (or substitute with 2 tablespoons of banana extract)
3 teaspoons vanilla extract
3 ripe bananas

Directions for the cake mixture
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Mix flour, sugar, baking powder, vanilla and cocoa in a bowl. Melt the butter in microwave or on stovetop. Add the melted butter and 3 eggs to the flour mixture. Beat with mixer. Add 1 cup of milk and mix some more.
Grease spring form (mine is 10 inches). Pour cake mixture into spring form and bake at 400 degrees for 25 - 30 minutes (until cake tests done). When cool,  hollow out inside of cake with a spoon, leaving a 1/2 to 1 inch ring around the outside AND leaving the bottom intact. (Think like you're making a thick pie shell out of the cake). Crumble the scooped out cake in a bowl (SEE PICTURES BELOW)

Directions for the filling
Whip the cream with the vanilla extract to soft peaks (not too stiff). By hand stir in Banana Liquor (or Banana extract) and chocolate chips. Peel bananas and cut lengthwise. Place on scooped out cake. Cover with the filling mixture into a hill shape. Cover with left-over crumbles from cake. (SEE PICTURES BELOW)

Here are pictures of the process.....I am lucky, my little artist made a mole out of Fondant. This adds a cute touch for decoration but is not necessary.


Enjoy Peeps...



  1. I sure wish I had a slice of that right now! Life to the full! Melissa

  2. So cute! And looks yummy too. Love the mole on top! :)

  3. This is quite an interesting cake. I'm excited to be a new GFC follower. Hope you'll stop by my blog sometime.

    1. Thanks Jessica for stopping by..will visit your blog next

  4. That looks fantastic!! Oh could you do this to me!! I came out of Easter vowing to no more sweets and now this!!

  5. That is the cutest cake! My 11 yr old would like to have that just for how it looked! It looks like a lot of good textures and flavors to eat all at once too. I love sweets! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  6. This is so totally cute!! You have a wonderful blog!! I'm your newest GFC follower from the “52 Mantels” blog hop - this is my blog if you wanted to follow back:
    PS – I would also like to invite you to a blog hop called: “The Great Blog Train” currently live on my blog (the kind of hop where you link up your homepage)– Thank you!

    1. THanks ANgelique for stopping by..I will visit you next and link up

  7. That is such a cute cake...I should make it...we have prairie dogs out here, the look like Maulwuerfe! Love your blog! I will follow - will you follow me back? I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Moni, I already follow you via e-mail...will go back and check to see if I am following through Google as well..thanks so much for following me

  8. I knew I made the right decision to follow you when I subscribed and the feedburner verification word was FRIES. ha Very cute cake. My grandkids would love it.

    1. lol....very cute...thanks so much for following me. I am thrilled everytime.....Greetings from WA

  9. I didn't get your email. My email is so you can get me directly.

  10. That looks delicious! And cute too. Let me just print this one out!

    Jenny from

  11. That looks so yummy! thanks for linking up.

  12. That is an amazing looking cake! It not only looks delicious but is cute as can be!

  13. This looks delicious! I am your newest follower!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah for stopping by and commenting....

  14. This looks delicious. We can't wait to give it a try. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday's Adorned From Above.
    Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly

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