Saturday, March 9, 2013

Little Boys Bedroom and an old crate

Hi Peeps, last weekend I went to one of my favorite stores in the Olympia area Wisteria Cottage One of the things I bought there was yet another old can never have enough. So here is what I did with it...It is now serving as a nightstand

 and perfect display for R2D2

The airplanes are from the Potterybarn Kids 
I know I know I need curtains...I just took down the old Potterybarn curtains..they are dark blue and I want something lighter and brigher for the Spring...
The bedding is from Ikea


displayed on the bookshelf is a shark painting that my Mother-in law painted for Robbie last summer and a real shark jar.....gotta love EBAY ...yikes
I made this banner a couple of years ago when Robbie was on a "Godzilla trip" and you can't exactly find this kind of deco in the stores..haha

well that's it for today...just wanted to share my new litte crate .....If you want to see more on how I display old crates in my home click here for-love-of-old-crates . Off to get ready for a dinner with friends. Happy Weekend! I hope you all come back for my next post!