Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Chalk Boards from Decor Steals

 Hi Peeps, I've only got a short post for you all today. I am sharing a new purchase from Decor Steals with you. A set of 3 medium chalk boards that arrived this week. I decided to hang them all in different places. The first one offers FREE WINE REFILLS on the side of my kitchen cabinet.
that's right...come on over for free vino

The second one found a home on the fridge
 notice my beautiful chalk board hand writing
  and the third one hangs on my husbands office door "Daddy's Office". What do you think?
One can never have enough chalk boards, right?
It's the first time I ever ordered from Decor Steals and it won't be the last. Here is their image of the chalkboards.
I've been busy cleaning today and visiting with a no time for more projects. Tomorrow we are going to see the new StarTrek ....can' wait to have Captain Kirk beam me up....ohhh wait, did I just say that out loud? LOL

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