Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Our Halloween Front Porch 2017


So today I am sharing our Halloween front porch just in time for Trick or Treater's 
coming over later tonight!

It's really pretty simple without going overboard (I think).

These cute skeleton string lights look so cool at night. 

I didn't get anything new this year, just used what we already have. 
Added candles and twinkle-lights and voila!!!

I made the BOO letters a couple of years back. You can read that post HERE.

I love this little chalkboard I made a while back. It's a piece of plywood 
that I painted with chalk paint. It's so fun to use for little messages
right by the front door. But I suck with chalk, so don't judge!

Using wooden crates is a must for pretty much all of my 
porch decor. One can never have enough old crates and buckets.

This mummy is hanging from an old pulley watching the neighborhood 
and waiting for the little monsters tonight. 

Well, that is it for the front porch this year.
Did you take my little Halloween tour I posted yesterday?
If not, you can catch up HERE

And for a cuteness fix, check out our "jailbird bunny" Bugsy. 
And that is a MUST! Catch up HERE
Stay safe tonight and have lots of fun!

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