Sunday, September 21, 2014

Decor Inspiration from Europe

Hi Peeps, I finally sorted through my vacation pictures and picked some to share with you. 
Since my little blog is all about "Decor" I don't want to bore you with our personal travel pics,
but rather share some inspiring decor I noticed all over Europe.

First Stop - SPAIN 
I took these pictures at a beautiful Restaurant

Lovin the bench
One can never have enough lanterns

Next Stop GERMANY. I have to share this photo with you. 
These are giant wine barrels that you can rent to sleep in. 
It's part of a Hotel... I LUV IT.....what a hoot
I took these pictures in a castle we visited. Just look at those ancient gorgeous hand painted armoires.
Also loving this trunk
uhhh and I wanted to take home this chandelier. 
It's just what I have in mind for our dining room....LOL
I took these pictures in one of my favorite 
Decor stores in Germany
Notice the buck on the wall??? Same trend as in the USA, it's all about critters on the wall this

I saw this baby nursery in a store window in Spain. 
If I had another baby I would want my nursery
to look something like this....
Check out that sad looking owl....awwww
You all know I am a sucker for old crates and boxes. 
This one is at my aunt's house in Germany.
This is also somewhere in Germany. 
How simple is this, just hang an old wheel on some chains!
Someones house entry in Germany. This lantern was HUGE.....
And more crates nicely decorated in a little 
country shop in Germany
Let me share a little bit of my Mom's house 
in Germany now. I love how she decorates 

I would love to have beams like that in our family room
Our little guy watching GODZILLA at her computer desk
This is my Moms window sill in the Family room

Decorated so pretty with the boxwood and grasses
An old vintage fishing basket 

Some pretty bushes in the backyard

I saw this adorable Bavarian style rabbit hutch displayed at a pet store. It even had a flower box for the window. I wish I could have taken it back to the USA. 
I think Bugsy would love a "Complete Makeover Home Edition" Rabbit style of

As always, thanks so much for visiting me each week Peeps

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