Sunday, October 20, 2013

DYI Pillows and a Table Runner

Hi Sweets, today I want to share some home-made pillows and a table runner with you. My Mom was here visiting from Germany a while back and I took full advantage of her and her sewing skills...LOL.....
After she sewed the pillows I decorated them. Here we go.....

I thought it would be a cute idea to make one of the giant pillows look like a package, so I wrapped it with twine and addressed it to our little Robbie (his initials) from his Omi (Omi means Granny in German)
I have them on the floor in the  dining room for now....what a sweet reminder of her visit....
and here is the next set of pillows she sewed for me.....plain white fabric which we then dressed up with a burlap strip and brown buttons....
I have those pillows in our Family Room.
We had a lot of left over burlap fabric so she sewed me a table runner as well....plain burlap fabric with  white polka-dot burlap ribbon.

looks great on a fall table.....
And once again, here are some cute pics at the end of this post ...I love this one taken earlier this week...all three boys relaxing if I could only get the rabbit to lay right next to Bruce...haha....preferably snuggled up together!
 And the Bunny getting his behind warmed up in front of the
   I hope these made you smile!!! Thanks for "Hopping" on over....Christine

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